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Curtin Marketing Association

Curtin Marketing Association (CMA) is a student club which was established in 2001 with the aim of further developing the marketing industry within Curtin University and in the broader Perth, WA community.


It was initiated to address current issues faced by businesses around Perth. It has been found that many industry partners have expressed the inadequacy of current graduates while many smaller firms have opted to do their own ‘in-house’ marketing. Hence, CMA aims to promote marketing in the industry and provide opportunities to students to raise the overall standard of marketing in Perth, WA.

Since 2001, CMA has continued to grow and currently has over 50 current marketing students who are all trying to become better marketers. Despite still being relatively small due to the continual graduating of students, the organisation has continued to have enthusiastic members who want to make a difference, thereby allowing CMA to be involved in a wide range of initiatives both on campus and off campus.

In line with the mission of developing the marketing industry, CMA is setup to provide opportunities to students. To do this, CMA seeks out current industry clients who need marketing assistance and works with them to achieve their goal. In the past, most clients have been non for profit organisations. This has allowed students who have participated to not only get a letter of reference or certificate which can be used on their CV, but also the satisfaction of making a difference in a non for profit organisation.