Bangladeshi Student Association Curtin University [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Curtin Student Guild

About Us

This is a group of present Bangladeshi students of Curtin University. This group will help to increase communication among the Bangladeshi students of Curtin, as well as providing information about scholarships, admission, and accommodation to new Bangladeshi students. We also want to arrange regular get-togethers and social events for Bangladeshi students here.

Bangladeshi alumni will also provide information regarding job and future prospects after studying here. We hope to unify all Bangladeshi students under the same umbrella.
BSA Executive committee'2017-
Forhad Rabbi, PhD Candidate, Computer Engineering
Vice President-
Mohammad Shohel, PhD Candidate, School of Pharmacy
General Secretary-
Nafisa T Haque, Electronic and Communication Engineering
Amit Dutta, Electrical Engineering
Media & Communication Secretary-Fabiha Faizah Abanti
Cultural Secretary- Suchi Barua
Event & Activities Secretary- Saifullah, EEE
Education Secretary- Md. Zahanggir Alam
Publication and Research Secretary- Arifur Russel, Accounting
Alumni Secretary - Moazzem Hossain
Sports and Recreation Secretary- Yeasir Mursalin
Public relations Secretary- Sama Mostafa kamal
Deputy Secretaries-
Kifayat Islam
Nazmi Nawar
Raisa Zamal Hridi
Naeem Islam
Safwan Ahmed
Rakinul Islam



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