Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Student Club Curtin [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Curtin Student Guild

About Us

The HSE Student Club aims to help HSE students to network with other students and professionals. The club assists students to get the most out of their university experience and engage with industry-leading companies to get work-ready.

We do this by:

  • Building networks with students and professionals
  • Running a vac work panel
  • Arranging sessions where third year students can talk to first and second year students about their work experience (including how they found the work, CV tips, and answering selection criteria questions).
  • Organising professional talks
  • Inviting company HR or HSE professional to discuss graduate programs (including discussing the application process and how to stand out from the crowd).
  • Running resume talks
  • Coordinating mentor programs (including helping students to utilise the alumni mentor program).



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