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PHYSSED is a club that's equal parts Social and Academic; a place where students can get away from the stress of university life or study in a pro-active and secluded learning environment.

The whole point of PHYSSED is to make students, especially new students, feel comfortable in an ever-growing environment packed full of pressure. Above everything, relaxation is key. No longer do students have to worry about having their picture taken and uploaded to "Overslept at Curtin," as PHYSSED provides an area to actually have a nap if required. PHYSSED is one of the few clubs on campus that can claim to have their own CLUB ROOM! Located in Building 301, Room 220, the room has couches, fridges, tables, chairs, whiteboards, book cases, board games and a TV with a connected PlayStation 3.

We also hold multiple events throughout the year. Our most famous is our annual trip to Prevelley Caravan Park, which is always a resounding success and full of fun. We also hold a weekly boardgame and pizza night as well as end of semester Barbecue's. PHYSSED has an astounding record for student satisfaction, particullary with new students. Last year alone we welcomed 14 new students into our circle, two of which fell in love with the club so much that one is now a club Minister, while the other is now the club Secretary.