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UnMute - The Curtin Women of Commerce

UnMute is a student-managed university club that strives to establish an empowering community for female members of the educational body, although not exclusively, and posit positivity in the concept of women engagement in all areas of commerce.


We are not here to discriminate and place women rights on an acropodium but only to enlighten the general public and instil widespread awareness of such a movement. Our organisation believes that there should be a representation for female business students, a medium for them to collaborate with each other and connect with like-minded peers that support their ideas to add value to the student body and give back to society.

We wish to motivate the ever growing female student population to pursue their whims through support specially tailored for them because women mandate different approaches, which is a desideratum for their personal advancement.

Our mission also extends to cultivating sagacious thinking through think tanks of mixed genders, abolishing the ersatz mindsets of modern social construct, hosting fun activities for anyone without discrimination and hopefully shaping the next fully conscious leaders of our generation.