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Curtin Afghan Students Association

CASA wants to create a platform for all Afghan students to share their ideas, interests and to work and engage together on a national and international level. The key mandate of the association is to Unite, inform and empower all Afghan Students.



Curtin Afghan Students Association (CASA) is a non-profit student association, established by a group of University students in Western Australia.

CASA will be collaborating with other student associations and non-profit organisations to facilitate students with their studies and career opportunities.


• Assist Afghan students in overcoming the challenges of University through mentoring and social events
• Partnering up with other Afghan student clubs
• Provide a platform for Afghan students to express their culture and showcase it.
• Hold charity events to help other students in Afghanistan
• Campaign and share events on educational issues that are arising within Afghanistan
• Provide a clear and updated calendar of events happening around the world
• Promote Afghans and any educational services they provide THE FUTURE WITH US
• The future goals of us are quite simple; we want to bring the Afghan students together, and most importantly help, guide and mentor those young afghan students who has recently got into University and who may need any assistance with their studies
• With this association, we are providing a solid foundation where Afghan students can come and find information related to them and services that are for them with the most current and up to date news provided.
• Support a smooth transition from high schools to universities;
• Organise cultural and educational events for students and the community at large, to share and discuss the issues relevant and reach to a solution;
• Organise guidance programs for high school and university students to understand the importance of different areas of studies;
• Promote and support student’s innovative ideas to help the community at large; and • Raise funds for students to continue their higher education, by providing basic educational needs in Australia and overseas.
• Networking events with companies and Leadership events to facilitate university students with their career opportunities.