Bookshop Grants

Need help buying your text books?
You may be eligible for a Bookshop Grant. 

This semester The Guild, in partnership with Curtin Scholarships office, is able to provide grants to eligible (undergraduate, enrolled in a minimum of 50 credit points) Curtin students in financial need.

To be eligible, you must be able to answer YES to one of the following questions: 

- Do you receive or are in the process of gaining a means tested Centrelink payment?
- OR Are you in possession of a Commonwealth Centrelink Concession Card?
- OR Do you live with your parent(s) AND one of your parents is in receipt of a means tested Centrelink allowance or your parents combined income is below $45,000 pa?
- OR Do you receive an income less than the maximum threshold indicated below:
  • Single: $1,181 per fortnight
  • Couple: $1,681 per fortnight
  • Single with children: $1,908 per fortnight
  • Couple with children: $1,753 per fortnight
As part of the application process you will need to provide supporting documentation that demonstrates your circumstances.

Detailed terms and conditions here.