Excellence In Teaching Awards

The Curtin Student Guild’s Excellence in Teaching Awards recognise teachers who have displayed excellence in classroom communication, always make an effort to engage and promote student participation while displaying passion and enthusiasm for their teaching area. A selection panel consisting of student representatives will determine the winners for each category. Winners will be presented with a framed award at a ceremony and $1,000 to spend on improving the learning experience of their students.

Award Categories
The Guild’s Excellence in Teaching Award recognises the following categories of Academic Staff at Curtin University:
  • Business Faculty Undergraduate Lecturer/Tutor Award
  • Health Science Undergraduate Lecturer/Tutor Award
  • Humanities Undergraduate Lecturer/Tutor Award
  • Science and Engineering Undergraduate Lecturer/Tutor Award
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies Lecturer/Tutor Award
  • Postgraduate (Coursework) Lecturer/Tutor Award
  • Postgraduate Research Supervisor Award 
If you are a student and you wish to nominate a lecturer, tutor, or supervisor, please find the nomination forms below:

Nominating for the academic year 2017:

Nominations ARE NOW OPEN the academic year of 2017. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE

The winners of the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Awards will be announced in April.


2015 Excellence in Teaching Awards 

 Undergraduate Lecturer/Tutor Award Winners:
Undergraduate Award in Humanities – Ms Gail Hardy
Undergraduate Award in Business – Dr Andrew Brennan
Undergraduate Award in Science and Engineering – Dr Heather Lonsdale
Undergraduate Award in Health Sciences – Dr David Garratt-Reed
Undergraduate Award in CAS - Assoc. Prof Simon Forrest
Postgraduate Coursework Lecturer/Tutor Award Winner:
Dr Sam Winter
Postgraduate Research Supervisor Award Winner:
Dr Andrea Loftus
Posthumous Award for Teaching Excellence
Mr Paul Griffin
Honourable Mentions are awarded to:
Mr Andrew Goodlich – Undergraduate Faculty of Humanities
Ms Christina Do - Undergraduate Curtin Business School
Ms Anna Bunn - Undergraduate Curtin Business School
Dr Carla Boehl - Undergraduate Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ms Janine Wright – Undergraduate Faculty of Health Sciences
Mr Morgan Titmus – Undergraduate Faculty of Health Sciences
Miss Endah Ibrahim - Postgraduate Coursework Lecturer/Tutor
Dr Tomayess Issa- Postgraduate Research Supervisor

The Excellence in Teaching Award's Ceremony for the 2015 Academic Year was held on May 12th, 2016.
Photos of the ceremony can be found HERE.
If you have any questions about the Excellence in Teaching Awards, please direct them to research@guild.curtin.edu.au