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Breakfast of Champions

Posted By Reece Wheadon on 1/08/2016

Celebrate the Olympics & the Guild's great new app with our Breakfast of Champions! Running August 8-12 we'll be discounting the everyday student breakfast at Main Cafe to only $1. Just flash your Guild membership and your G-Diary App to get your cheap fill.

The G-Diary app brings services to your fingertips and enables you to connect with your classmates and friends. You can access clubs, events, calendars, contacts, maps, off-campus deals and more! Stay organized with the timetable function, where you can save events, classes, and assignments. Join your campus community on the G-Diary app now!

Features to help you with your student life:
- Classes - Manage your classes, create to-dos & reminders, and stay on top of assignments.
- Study Tools - Keep track of your study sessions and build effective study habits with our study timer.
- Timetable Sharing - See when your friends are in class and free.
- Events - Find what events are happening on campus.
- Tour - Explore and get to know your campus
- Deals - Access exclusive discounts.
- Campus Services - Learn about what services are offered.
- Clubs & Societies - Find out about clubs on campus and how to get involved.
- Campus Feed - Join the campus discussions.
- Campus Map - Get directions to classes, events and departments.
- Students List - Communicate with fellow students.

Download the app here :)

Offer available until sold out daily