Curtin Student Guild News

Election Results, 2017 Guild Council

Posted By Nicole Lau on 23/09/2016

The Following students have been elected to the 2017 Guild Council.

President - Liam O'Neill
Education Vice President - Jordan Piggott
Activities Vice President - Anna Griffin
General Secretary - Jemma Chin
Curtin Business School Rep - Victoria Barker
Faculty of Science & Engineering Rep - Declan Mulheron
Faculty of Health Science Rep - Dylan Heywood
Faculty of Humanities Rep - Lachlan Hall

International Student Committee President - Viivi Laasonen

Postgraduate Student Association President - Logan Ward

Queer Department Officers
- Bek Bergeron
- Avery Perkins

Women's Department Officer - Millie McDermott

Indigenous Department Officer - Louise Lockyer

Students with Disabilities Department Officer - Joshua Mackenzie

Guild Councillors:
Lynelle McCord
Kieran Gulvin
Harrison Vincent
Maxwell Swaney
Finlay Nolan
Lewis Whittaker
Noni Elliott-Hobbs
Gautami Sithambaram
Isadora Poole
Chris Norman (elected on recount due to vacancy 14/11/2016)