Guild O-Day 2018 Application Form: Clubs & Invited Departments


Falling smack-bang in the middle of Curtin's infamous O-Week, Wednesday 21st February marks O-Day, the Curtin Student Guild’s biggest event of the year. Running from 11 - 2:30pm, O-Day sees 10,000 new and returning students fill the main Curtin promenade, for a great day of giveaways, activities, and general fun.

With students keen to receive many highly anticipated freebies, browse/join campus clubs and societies, and explore a variety of services tailored to the university market, stallholders gain access to a captive audience. O-Day provides a unique environment to connect with your stakeholders, whilst sharing information on services, activities, and/or products.

Students and stallholders alike can also expect to see numerous demonstrations, competitions, amusement rides, and live entertainment throughout the day.

Introducing: The Quiet 30
This year, a "Quiet 30" will be implemented for the first half hour of the event (from 11am - 11:30am) for students who experience difficulties with access and/or heightened sensory environments, as well as those that experience anxiety as a result of large crowds and/or noise. All stallholders are required to be ready and operating from 11am, however no amplified music or production lighting will be permitted until 11:30am.


Standard Trestle Package Details
- Space allocation is approximately 2m long x 0.7m wide (basic trestle table size).
- All stalls are shaded.
- One trestle table is included.
- Stall is not powered (no access to electricity).

FREE for 2018 Registered Student Clubs & Invited Curtin Departments ONLY.
This package (and price) is not available to external or commercial groups.

Activation Spaces
The inclusions within the FREE stall package are strictly as outlined above. If you are keen to have access to power, would like to erect a marquee, or wish to utilise a space larger than your allocated trestle table area, this is deemed an "Activation Space". Activation Spaces will be assessed on a strictly case-by-case basis. Activation Spaces are extremely limited, and will be allocated at the Guild’s discretion based on a wide range of logistical factors, including event tone and theming, space availability, power availability, health and safety restrictions, traffic flow, and layout of the event as a whole.

To be considered for an activation space, please clearly outline your request for an activation space in the relevant section of the form.

Food & Beverage Giveaways
Due to local council food service restrictions and OH&S regulations, stallholders are not permitted to supply any food or beverage unless it is pre-packaged, non-perishable, and individually wrapped (i.e. NO home-baked goods). If you have any queries, please contact the Clubs Officer via (if you are a club). If you are a Uni department, please contact

Confirmation and Stallholder Guides
Confirmations and O-Day Stallholder Guides (including stall maps, setups times, etc.) will be sent out from 14/02/2018.

Booking deadline: 02/02/2018

Further Information
For further information, if you are a club, please contact the Clubs Officer via If you are a Uni department, please contact the Events Coordinator at

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1. Name of club / Curtin department*

Please use full name (i.e. no abbreviations / acronyms).

2. Please provide a brief description of your club or department*

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3. Which category best describes your stall?*

6. Primary contact name*

This is the name of the individual from your club/department who will serve as the main point of contact for all communications regarding your stall.

7. Phone number*

8. Email*

This is where all communication regarding your stall will be sent, including your booking confirmation and Stallholder Guide (containing your stall location, setup time, pack down time, and all other key information for the event).

9. Secondary email

Please nominate a secondary email address for anyone else involved with running your stall who you would like to receive logistical information pertaining to the event (including Stallholder Guide, Map, and Run Sheet).

10. Is your application for a standard trestle stall package, or for an activation space?*

Please note that applications for an activation space will be assessed on a strictly case-by-case basis. Activation spaces are extremely limited, and will be allocated at the Guild’s discretion based on a wide range of logistical factors, including event tone and theming, space availability, power availability, health and safety restrictions, traffic flow, event layout, and contribution to the event as a whole.

15. Please list all items and equipment you be using / displaying at your stall.*

Please note that no equipment is supplied by us other than the standard trestle table. Any other equipment you intend to use must be supplied by you, and must be disclosed in detail here. This includes even basic items such as chairs, pin-boards, etc.

All equipment/infrastructure is subject to Guild approval, OH&S regulations, and space restrictions.

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16. Will you be supplying food or beverages? *

Please note that no food or beverages are to be SOLD on the day, and the only forms of food permitted must be pre-packaged, commercially purchased, non-perishable and individually wrapped (e.g. lollypops, ramen noodles, etc.)

20. Do you intend to play music at your stall?*

Requests to play music are subject to approval, and may be affected by the number of other stallholders playing music across the event as a whole. Successful stalls will be informed with their stall confirmation. Please also note that no power is available for speakers or stereos, so only battery-operated devices may be used.

22. Will any persons who are NOT Curtin students or staff be present at your stall during the event? If so, please provide full name, position / job title, organisation, and an explanation of their relationship with your club/department. *

Please note that any external attendees at your stall will be subject to Guild approval.

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23. Do you have any additional requirements or requests?

Please note that we will do our best to fulfill your requirements, however we may not be able to fulfill all requests. Some requests may incur additional fees and charges - you will be advised of such fees prior to confirming your booking.

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24. Do you acknowledge & accept the stallholder terms and conditions? These are outlined below.*

O-Day 2018 terms and conditions AVAILABLE HERE