$100 Club O-Day Grant Application

Each Guild registered club attending O Day 2017 is able to apply for up to $100 in reimbursement for costs directly associated with their O Day stall, or for the cost of an approved club activation package at the event.

The criteria for this sponsorship are as follows:
* Clubs must have successfully registered with the Guild for 2017.
* Clubs must be able to reasonably justify that the items being claimed were used at their O-Day stall, and that the items were important in making the stall more appealing and/or student-friendly.
* Alternatively, clubs who have successfully applied for an activation package at the event can use this grant toward funding the cost of their stall.
* Any promotional materials being claimed must include a reasonably sized Guild logo.

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1. Club Name:*

Please write your club name in full (no acronyms / short-hand).

2. Contact person (name and role within club):*

The applicant must be one of the club's four office bearers currently registered with the Guild. Please provide your full name, student number, and your current office bearer position.

3. Contact email:*

This is where the outcome of your application will be sent, as well as where any queries regarding your application will be directed.

4. Contact phone number:*

This is a back-up contact measure, in case we need to reach you to follow up any issues with your application.

5. Grant amount requested:*

Acceptable evidence includes invoices and receipts.

Please note that funds will only be released up to the value demonstrated on the receipt/s and/or invoice/s provided in support of your application. Any funds claimed that are not adequately evidenced in supporting documentation will not be granted.

6. Which of the following best describes what you are using your O Day Grant to fund?*

Thank you for your grant application. Your request will be reviewed by the Guild Executive Council at their next meeting, and the Clubs Support Team will email you with the outcome of your application within one to three weeks.