Club Event Management Plan

This document is a mandatory requirement for all club events - whether on or off campus. Your EMP must be sent to the Clubs Officer (CO) at least three weeks prior to your event.

For large, complex, or high impact events, please allow a minimum of six weeks.

The EMP plays a crucial role in ensuring that Guild, University, and local government standards are met, and also aims to identify instances in which additional permits and paperwork may be required.

Though potentially daunting at first, this form is designed to walk you through all the considerations that must be taken into account when running an event, providing realistic insight into the work involved. An EMP helps to ensure that no important details are missed along the way, and also allows the CO to step in and offer additional advice and support as necessary.

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1. Event Name*

2. Organising Club or Society*

Please use full club name, not acronyms.

3. Date of Event*

4. Event Time (start and finish)*

5. Event Location*

Please be specific. If on campus, provide exact location. If off-campus, provide venue name and address.

6. Venue Capacity (approximate)*

7. Expected Attendance Numbers*

8. Primary Contact Name*

9. Primary Contact Student Number*

10. Primary Contact's Role Within Club*

Must be a currently registered office bearer.

11. Email*

Please provide the primary email address where all follow up communication regarding the event should be sent.

12. Primary Contact Phone Number*

Please provide a number that you can be reached on during the event itself, if necessary.

13. Alternate Contact Name*

14. Alternate Contact Student Number*

15. Alternate Contact's Role Within Club*

16. Alternate Email Address*

17. Alternate Contact Phone Number*

18. Will you be charging any admission fees to your event?*

21. Will your event be open to non Curtin students?*

24. Which of the following best describes your event?*

29. Please provide information about any guest speakers, performers, or VIP attendees coming to your event.

Please include full name, a brief biography, their title/position, and the company they represent (where relevant).

A CV may be required in some instances - the Clubs Officer will email if this is required.

Please also note that external organisations and businesses are not permitted to come onto campus and solicit members of the general Curtin and/or student community (this is considered a commercial activation, and attracts advertising fees).

External visitors are only permitted to interact with guests at your closed club event, and it must be made clear on all event promotional material that these visitors will be in attendance.

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39. What are your goals and objectives for this event?*

Please provide an overview or bulletpoint list of what you aim to achieve by running this event.


- To financially break even, with revenue equalling costs at a minimum
- To execute the event theme well
- To promote a better understanding of "xyz" culture / religion / field of interest
- To reach ticket capacity
- To document the event photographically to use in post-event promotion
- To establish the club's brand prominently on campus

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40. Logistics Timeline*

Please outline the dates, times, and person responsible for each task associated with the execution of the event. Be as detailed as possible - i.e. "general set-up" is too broad, please break this down into the individual tasks associated with the set-up.

Sample tasks:
1. Food permits lodged at Town of Victoria Park - 20th Sept - Mike
2. Liquor license lodged with Department of Racing Gaming & Liquor - 5th Oct - Kate
3. Decorations up - 24th Oct - 2pm - Michelle and Rob
4. Sound equipment bumped in by contractors - 24th Oct - 3pm - AV Production Company and Mike
5. Stallholders arrive - 24th Oct - 4pm - Michelle & Rob to supervise
6. Marquees erected - 24th Oct - 4pm - Kate and volunteers
7. Trestle tables carried to site - 24th Oct - 4pm - Kate & volunteers

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41. Please provide a rough budget and expense breakdown for all costs associated with running your event.*

E.g. catering, venue hire fees, advertising, ticket printing, AV equipment, entertainment, security, etc.

43. Does your event involve a significant level of risk? (excludes Tavern and off-campus events.)*

Your event is deemed to involve a "significant level of risk" if any of the following applies:

- event is outdoors;
- event involves food that is not provided by a catering company or restaurant;
- event involves alcohol;
- event involves equipment and/or infrastructure being set up,
- event involves electrical equipment, chemicals, gas bottles, etc.
- event involves activities and/or games of a physical nature

47. What types and levels of sound will occur at your event, and how do you plan to manage noise?*

Please provide details of any sound equipment to be used, where applicable.Please also detail any potential ambient or non-amplified sources of noise.

If using a venue's existing AV, operated by trained venue staff (i.e. Tav, off-campus bar/club, etc.), please write N/A.

Amplifiers playing live music from a band. Sound will be monitored with a decibel meter. Noise limit of 92dB at the mixing desk will be adhered to at all times, in keeping with Town of Victoria Park regulations.

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49. Are there adequate toilets available for use during the event? Please provide details on numbers and proximity. *
  • Does the venue have adequate toilets already in place?
  • If your event is outdoors at Curtin, have you made sure toilets in neighbouring buildings are open and accessible at the time of your event?
  • If your event is outdoors and you require additional toilets (port-a-loos), don't forget to factor this into your budget, site plan, and overall logistics timeline.

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55. Do any vehicles require access onto campus for your event? This question does not refer to parking, but rather contractor vehicle entry onto the central pedestrian core of campus.*

Please list and provide details.

Please also note that vehicle access is heavily regulated at Curtin, and any vehicle requiring access onto campus (carparks excluded) will require a Vehicle Access Permit. The Clubs Officer will contact you to arrange this further, if required.

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56. Will food be available at your event?*

68. Will there be alcohol at your event?*

85. Primary Event Target Audience*

86. Secondary Event Target Audience

87. Where / how is the event to be publicised and promoted?*

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88. Please provide a draft promotional timeline.*

6 weeks out - create teasers; 4 weeks out - launch Facebook event, distribute physical posters; 3 weeks out - launch online ticket sales.

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89. Please attach any supporting documents here if required.

90. Please attach any supporting documents here if required.

91. Please attach any supporting documents here if required.

Your EMP has been submitted.

If further information or paperwork is required, the Clubs Officer will contact you via email.

If your EMP is approved, you will be notified via email within approximately one week.