Guild Day Stallholder Application Form (External/Commercial)


Guild Day is the Semester Two version of the infamous O Day, taking place during the first week of second semester! Run over Common Free Time (11am-2pm) on Wednesday August 2, Guild Day sees 8,000 new and returning students fill the Curtin promenade for a great day of freebies, live music and general fun.

With students keen to receive many highly anticipated freebies, browse/join campus clubs and societies, and explore a variety of services tailored to the university market, stallholders gain access to a captive audience. Guild Day provides a unique environment to connect with your stakeholders, whilst sharing information on services, activities, and/or products.

Students and stallholders alike can also expect to see numerous demonstrations, competitions and live entertainment throughout the day.

Guild Day Packages & Pricing:

Trestle Table Package includes:
- Basic 2m under the verandah
- One trestle table
Price $200.00 ex GST

Activation Package includes:
- 3X3 area space (not shaded, BYO marquee) which can be used for brand activation activities.
- One trestle table
Price $950.00 ex GST

Marquee Activation Package includes:
- One trestle table
- 3X3 Marquee (provided)
Price $1300.00 ex GST

NB: Should your requirements not fit within the above categories, please contact us for a custom quote.

Additional Equipment and Amenities:
Power is an additional $100 and is available only by request. Power is not available with trestle packages. Power is strictly limited, not included in any discounts, and subject to availability.

Once your booking application is made you will receive an email confirming that your form has been received. This is not an offer of a stall space, or guarantee that your stall has been approved, both of which are subject to further review.

Invoices will be sent to you from 14/06/2017 and Guild Day Stallholder Guides will be sent out from 24/07/2017, only after the receipt of your invoice payment.

Booking deadline: 09/06/2017
Invoice payment deadline: 12/07/2017

Please note that this form is not for use by registered student clubs and societies, invited Curtin Departments, or Curtin Student Guild departments.
If you are a club, please contact for further information.
If you are a Curtin or Guild department, please contact

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1. Name of Organisation*

2. Contact Name*

3. Phone*

4. Mobile

5. Email*

This should be the email address of the person organising booking, payment, and logistics, prior to the event itself.

6. Secondary Email

Please nominate a secondary email address if the person lodging this booking is not the person who will be running the stall on the day, so that we may ensure this person receives all logistical information pertaining to the event itself (including Stallholder Guide, Map, and Run Sheet).

7. Invoice To*

Please provide the following information for inclusion on the invoice:

Organisation Name (the organisation to be invoiced)
Contact Name and/or Reference
Email Address
Phone Number

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8. Please provide a brief description of your organisation*

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9. What activity / promotion do you intend for Guild Day?*

Please be as detailed and specific as possible, as this information allows us to determine the most appropriate location for your stall within the event as a whole.
Please include a description of how your stall will be set up, including any equipment or infrastructure being used and any giveaways, competitions, demonstrations, or activities.

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10. Guild Day Package*

Please choose your Guild Day package.

Please bear in mind the following additional package info:
- Activation Package does not include a shade or marquee, you must supply your own.
- Power is only available if selecting an Activation Package or Marquee Activation Package (not available with Trestle Package), and is charged at an additional $100.00.

15. Will you be supplying food or beverages? *

Please note that no food or beverages are to be SOLD on the day, and the only forms of food permitted must be pre-packaged, commercially purchased, non-perishable and individually wrapped (e.g. lollypops, ramen noodles, etc.) To discuss alternate options, please contact prior to submitting this form.

17. What equipment will you be using?*

Please note that no equipment is supplied by us other than what is described in your chosen stall package. Any other equipment you intend to use or set-up must be supplied by you, and must be disclosed in detail here. This includes even basic items such as chairs, pin-boards, etc. All equipment/infrastructure is subject to Guild approval, Curtin OH&S regulations, and space restrictions. If you will not be bringing any equipment, please simply write "N/A".

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18. Do you intend to play music at your stall?*

Requests to play music are subject to approval and successful stalls will be informed with their stall confirmation. Additional fees and charges may apply. Please also note that - unless booked, approved, and paid for - no power is available for speakers or stereos - only battery-operated devices may be used.

20. Do you have any additional requirements?

We will do our best to fulfil your requirements however we may not be able to fulfil all requests. Some requests may incur additional fees and charges.

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21. Public Liability Insurance - Please upload a valid Certificate of Currency*

At the stallholders own expense, effect and maintain for the duration of the stall holders service, a policy of Public Liability Insurance covering all loss, damage or injury to person or property (including death) caused by the stall holder or its employees or agents and the amounts of all claims, damages, costs and expenses which may be paid, suffered or incurred by the Curtin Student Guild and Curtin University as aforesaid in respect of any loss, damage or injury (including death) in sum of ten million ($10 000 000).

22. Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions*

I agree to the terms and conditions available here.

Once your booking application is made you will receive a confirmation of receipt email.

Invoices will be sent to you from 14/06/2017 and Guild Day Stallholder Guides will be sent out from 24/07/2017, after the receipt of your invoice payment.

Booking deadline: 16/06/2017
Invoice payment deadline: 12/07/2017