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Multi Faith Services at Curtin

Curtin University and the Curtin Student Guild acknowledge and respect the diversity of religious beliefs represented among students and staff. There are a number of faith services and facilities available at Curtin University and in the surrounding community.

The Guild offers a range of faith-based support services, including:

  • Referrals to Curtin-based chaplains for specialised support in relation to a specific faith
  • Connecting you with faith-based clubs and societies (run by students for students) - allowing you to network with fellow believers
  • Coordinating bookings for the Prayer & Meditation Room - Building 109.

In addition, Curtin provides a range of religious equity arrangements with regard to exams, assessments, and graduations. These arrangements are facilitated by Curtin's Student Wellbeing team, and include:

  • Providing religious equity examinations and assessments for students whose examination or assessment schedule clashes with their religious convictions
  • Providing religious equity graduation arrangements for students whose scheduled graduation ceremony clashes with their religious convictions
  • Upholding, wherever feasible, conscientious objections of students and staff

To access Multi Faith resources, please visit the relevant links below:


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