Your voice on campus!

Who we are

Curtin Student Guild coordinates services and activities to represent you, the students.

So who are the Curtin Student Guild really?

Well, you guys elect a bunch of students to represent and advocate for you throughout the year.

They work together with a group of professional staff to make sure you leave Curtin with more than just a piece of paper (and loads of debt).

The Guildies

  • Sit on boards, committees and panels (to make sure your voice is heard)

  • Run many of the Food and Bev outlets on campus (so we can keep prices down!) 

  • Offer FREE student assist services (to help with financial, personal and academic issues)

  • Run student focused events (usually FREE or with freebies!)

  • Facilitate the 100+ clubs and societies (which you should totally join btw…)

All this and more with your FREE Guild membership.

If you have any enquiries, or concerns about anything student related, please contact us or pop by Guild Reception and book an appointment to see your Student Faculty Representative or a Student Assist Officer.

To keep up to date with the latest benefits, news and offers for Guild members, make sure you visit our website and "like" our facebook page at www.facebook.com/curtinguild. Click here to get in contact with us! 

The Guild's Vision, Mission, Values & Principles


Create a fun and vibrant community that maximises the student experience. 


To be the leading independent student-run organisation in Australia, which is highly valued by all of the university community, especially our members.



Student control of student affairs for the benefit of our members. 


Our behaviour builds trust. 


Valuing difference between people and standing for equity, equality and fairness. 

We strive to: 
  • Engage and listen to our members, stakeholders and the university

  • Adapt and respond to enhance the student experience

  • Deliver a fun, vibrant and dynamic outlook with a caring and empathetic approach

  • Cultivate a community which enables its members to achieve their full potential

  • Embrace, promote and celebrate diversity within our community and ensure equality of opportunity

  • Provide an independent voice with the courage to question the status quo

  • Act with intent at all times in a transparent, accountable and ethical manner

We will apply equally the same values, principles and behaviours with our members, employees and stakeholders. 


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