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COVID-19 Support Resources

COVID-19 Support Resources

We know this is an uncertain and challenging time, the following support resources may be able to help you, depending on your current situation.


Visit Moneysmart for the more up to date financial information from the Government, this is a fantastic resource for all things money related. The situation is changing rapidly so we suggest that you check the site regularly. 


Financial Hardship

We recommend that your prioritise your available funds towards the essential items: Food, Phone and Rent.

We do understand that it is difficult to find some food items at the moment.  The situation is getting better each day.  For the foreseeable future Online shopping at Coles and Woolworths is going to be limited to those most in need such as the elderly, severe health issues and those that are self-isolating.   If you are in one of these categories go online and fill in the priority service form.  

Your situation will be assessed and if qualified you will be given access to the online service.  

Basic Food Supplies
The Guild will continue to source food and put Emergency Basic Food Supplies together.  We are also having difficulty in gathering the resources but will do our best.
We may be able to help with items such as rice, pasta, pasta sauce, crackers, spreads and canned items (soups, beans, fruit, tuna, vegetables, etc.).
Apply through the heading link.

We consider this as a vital service, please allocate funds.  
If you are in financial difficulty contact your service provider and ask for the “Hardship Team”.  
Explain your circumstances to a team member who then advise you of options.

We recommend students approach their Landlords if experiencing Financial Hardship.  
Speak to your Landlord about your financial situation and continue to pay as much as you can.  
Our suggestion is to do a budget with your funds and work out how much you can afford to pay in rent and then offer this amount.

For mortgage, bills, fines and rent, all lenders and most utilities will have a Financial Hardship Team ready to help you find a way forward.   
Search: Your lender / utility provider and ‘Financial Hardship’ for their contact details.

The most important thing during tough times is to keep talking to people to find solutions.

If you have a long contract, lease or agreement and want to leave we suggest contacting Curtin Housing to advise you on options.

Call Curtin Connect and ask for Housing:  (08) 9266 5888 or 1300 222 888

Tenancy’s Union has some useful FAQ’s relating specifically to the COVID-19 situation.

Tenanacy WA has fact sheets and an advice line.

Refer to the Moneysmart website for more information on what support and resources are available.

Financial Support
Should you find yourself in financial hardship, please get in touch with Curtin Connect or our Student Assist team as a range of support may be available.


Withdrawing from Units
If you choose to go home then you can withdraw from your units without penalty.
You can do this from OASIS.

Refund and Remission
If you have paid your fees then you can apply for a Refund and Remission of Fees.

Reduced Study Load
Complete this form to apply for a reduced study load.

Domestic Leave of Absence
International Leave of Absence
Complete this form, this holds your place at Curtin University.

Contact your Faculty
Curtin Business School - business@cbs.curtin.edu.au
Health Sciences - currentstudents@health.curtin.edu.au
Humanities - humanities@curtin.edu.au
Science and Engineering - ssse@curtin.edu.au


Laptop Loan Program

Student Assist’s Laptop Loan Program is here to support students who may find themselves without access to a laptop or home computer due to unexpected circumstances.


You are not alone and the Australian community is here to support you.
The safety of all students and the public is the Government’s number one priority.

We also understand that this extends to ensuring students have the mental well-being support they need.
If you need mental well-being support, domestic and international students in Australia can access:

Becoming unwell and unable to continue studies

You may be eligible for Withdrawal Under Special Circumstances.

Do you have to self-isolate and have no family support?

The Guild may be able to assist. 
Guild Reception:  (08) 9266 2900
Email: student.assist@guild.curtin.edu.au 

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

For Australian Citizens and some Permanent Residents, the Department of Human Services website has the most up to date information on what people can do who have been affected by COVID-19 either directly or indirectly. Click the headings for more information.

Australian Government

Latest information from the Australian Government. This will give you a great insight into what is available to you.

WA Government

Latest information from the WA Government.

Changes to Centrelink payments

Changes to Centrelink payments due to COVID-19. If you are already receiving a Centrelink payment, have been working and your hours have been reduced then inform Centrelink via the My Gov App and you can expect your payments to increase.

Payment and Service calculator

If you want to find out if you are eligible for a Centrelink payment.

Already on Centrelink?
Those already on a Centrelink payment will receive $750 one off payment.

Not on Centrelink but directly affect by COVID-19?
Find out more information here.

Casual workers, not on Centrelink whose hours have been reduced.
If you are over 22 years old, you may be eligible for Job Seeker (formerly Newstart). Centrelink has waived the waiting period. If you are required to isolate due to COVID-19 then contact Centrelink immediately. You will be eligible for 14 day Major Personal Crisis Exemption. Under 22 years of age and not living at home? Contact Centrelink and you may be eligible for the Job Seeker payment under special circumstances. Read more in the link.

Apply for Centrelink payment
This is done through your MyGov account. If you already have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) then link Centrelink to your MyGov account and apply online. 
If you are new to Centrelink, you will need to go to a Centrelink Office with your ID Documents and register.

ABC News has a step-by-step application guide here.

We understand that My Gov and Centrelink are struggling to keep up with demand. Keep trying! 

International Students and other visa holders

International Student must still maintain a full load. If you become unwell, you may be eligible for Withdrawal Under Special Circumstances.

Information on Special Circumstances

Or contact Curtin Connect or Student Assist.

For International Student and other visa holders, visit the Department of Home Affairs website.
Information from the Department of Home Affairs

COVID-19 Scam Watch

Unfortuantely, there are scams circulating so please take care online and check all links carefully before opening.

Find more information here.


Further contact

Curtin Connect: (08) 9266 5888 or 1300 222 888
Student Assist: student.assist@guild.curtin.edu.au or call (08) 2966 2900


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