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COVID-19 Support Resources

COVID-19 Support Resources 

We know this is an uncertain and challenging time, the following support resources may be able to help you, depending on your current situation.

• Curtin Financial Support
• International Student Visas
• International Student Financial Support
Curtin Academic Information
• Academic Options 
• Loan Laptop Program 
• Wellbeing
• Further contact

Curtin Financial Support 

We recommend that your prioritise your available funds towards the essential items: food, phone and rent.

Emergency Food Relief Program
The Guild is operating an emergency food relief program for students experiencing extreme financial hardship due to COVID-19. 
Apply here

Curtin Community Pantry
Curtin Community Programs has launched the Curtin Community Pantry, where non-perishable food items and other essentials e.g. toiletries will be collected and made available to Curtin students in need of some support.
Learn more

Curtin's Financial and Housing Support Bursary
Semester 2 - Financial Support Bursary (International Students) is now open. There are very specific criteria that students have to meet. Please check the Scholarships website for more details.

We recommend that you answer ALL questions fully and submit ALL supporting documents requested to get a quick response.
Apply here

Learn more about the Bursaries here.

International Student Visas 

The Australian Government is aware that students are affected by COVID-19 and have offered the following assistance in regards to Visas.

Extending Student Visa - $0
Students can apply for a Fee Waiver if they need to extend their student Visa.  Follow the link and fill in the form before applying to extend your student visa.

 COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa
If you have finished your studies but cannot return to your home country because of COVID-19 restrictions you can apply for this visa at $0 cost.

Follow the link above to the COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa.  Look for the ‘step by step guide’ on one of the tabs which will take you through what is needed.  You apply through your ImmiAccount.

International Student Financial Support 

The Australian Government has given funds to the following organisations to help international students affected by COVID-19.  They are very understanding and helpful so if you need assistance get in touch with them. We recommend starting with the Australian Red Cross.

Australian Red Cross
Emergency relief and casework support for people who are on temporary visas.
Learn more

Residential Rent Relief Grant Scheme
If you are staying at Unilodge or have a rental agreement in your name then you may be eligible for a grant up to $2,000.
Learn more about the Residential Rent Relief Grant Scheme - up to $2,000.

Assistance with Utility Bills, Phone Bills and Food.
Learn more

StudyPerth Crisis Relief
StudyPerth will put you in touch with your Consulate and other support organisations
Reach out to StudyPerth here
If you have not been successful in getting the Financial Support Bursary then you may be eligible for the SPCR Grant. Apply here

Alhidayah Centre Community

One fresh cooked meal fortnightly.
Apply here

Bengali Association of Western Australia
Support for international students - food, groceries, rent, etc.
Apply here

Lifestreams Community Services
Corona Care initative to assist international students
Learn more

Indian Society of WA
Indian Society of Western Australia (ISWA), in an unprecented measure, has been joined by forty five (45) of its members associations in a joint appeal to support Indian origin people in the current COVID-19 situation.
Read more

There is some assistance available for students through this link.
Learn more

South Care
Southcare can assist with bill payments for students who live near Curtin Campus.
Contact Duncan Edgar,
Tel: (08) 9450 6233
Email: duncan.e@southcare.org.au
Learn more

WAConnect is a directory of emergency relief service providers managed by the DropIN team at the Western Australian Council of Social Service.
Learn more about Migrant & Refugee services
Learn more about overdue bills assistance

Riverview Church
1 Thorogood St, Burswood WA. (08) 9416 0000.
Rent assistance (up to $150) and food hampers. 

Curtin Academic Information 

Fees, Scholarships, Bursary, Employment – What’s going on in Semester 2 2020?
2020 has been a very interesting journey for the whole world. The Pandemic has turned our lives up side down and none more so than for international students.  Now that Semester 1 is over, many of you are looking forward at Semester 2.  What will it look like financially?  Will there be jobs or fee reductions or financial assistance? 
Here are some things to consider from the Guild’s Financial Counsellor.
The tough decision
Use this time during semester break to seriously consider your financial position. The impact of COVID-19 will be felt for at least the rest of the year if not longer.

  • Are you able to survive financially if your difficult circumstances continue for the next few months?
  • If you are dependent on your family back home for financial support and they also struggling, are they in the position to support you for the rest of the year?
  • With the increase in unemployment, will you be able to pay for your outstanding bills with no income?

At the time of publishing, the terms of your student visa still apply. 
For many students COVID-19 has changed their personal financial situation and if this is the case then students need to consider if they can continue with Semester 2 with the same financial limitations as Semester 1.
We have compiled information and resources below.  Please read through carefully.  Due to the large number of students we are unable to meet with individual students however we will endeavour to answer your questions in our FAQ section.

Reminders for fee payment will start in 2nd week of semester (from 9 August).

What we understand is: 

  • There is no reduction in fees for Semester 2. Full fees will be charged.
  • Payments Plans will be available in limited circumstances. Student will still need to provide evidence that they have access to funds.
  • No extensions will be granted for payment of fees. All fees must be paid before final exams or your COE will be cancelled.  NB:  COE cancellation also cancels your Student VISA.
  • There is no financial support for fee payment. There are no loans or any external organisations that assist with fee payment.

Underloading – Studying less than 100 credits
International students were allowed to underload in semester 1. Find out if this is possible for semester 2.
Please contact Curtin Connect for more information.
Leave of Absence
The maximum period that students can be granted a leave of absence is six months. There are strict eligibility criteria.
Please contact Curtin Connect for more information.
Online – Offshore student
For some students, there is the option to go home and study online for Semester 2. Please check if this option is available for your course.
Please contact Curtin Connect for more information.
COVID-19 has changed the job landscape for International Students.  Due to the high unemployment rate, keep in mind that there will be limited casual/ part time employment for the rest of 2020.
Assisted Voluntary Return to your home country
If you do not have the funds to return to your home country you may be eligible for Assisted Voluntary Return. Please read the terms and conditions carefully as once you have accepted their help and return home, your student visa will be cancelled.
Your Embassy
Contact your Embassy or Consulate to see what assistance is being provided by your Government.

Academic Options 

Studying from Home Tips
Advice from your Student Representatives on being productive while studying at home.

Withdrawing from Units

If you choose to go home then you can withdraw from your units without penalty.
You can do this from OASIS.

Refund and Remission
If you have paid your fees then you can apply for a Refund and Remission of Fees.

Reduced Study Load
Complete this form to apply for a reduced study load.

Domestic Leave of Absence
International Leave of Absence
Complete this form, this holds your place at Curtin University.

Contact your Faculty
Curtin Business School - business@cbs.curtin.edu.au
Health Sciences - currentstudents@health.curtin.edu.au
Humanities - humanities@curtin.edu.au
Science and Engineering - ssse@curtin.edu.au

Loan Laptop Program 

Loan Laptop Program

Student Assist’s Loan Laptop Program is here to support students who may find themselves without access to a laptop or home computer due to unexpected circumstances.
Apply here


You are not alone and the Australian community is here to support you.
The safety of all students and the public is the Government’s number one priority.

We also understand that this extends to ensuring students have the mental well-being support they need.
If you need mental well-being support, domestic and international students in Australia can access:

Further contact 

Curtin Connect: 
(08) 9266 5888 or 1300 222 888

Student Assist: 
(08) 9266 2900

COVID-19 Information

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