PSC PODS [Join/Renew]

The Postgraduate Open Door Society (PODS)

PODS is a campus wide student research community whose goals are:
  • Research community-building and support,
  • Intellectual nourishment,
  • Cross disciplinary research sharing (you’ll be surprised what you learn from initially seemingly unrelated research to your own), and
  • Skill building in: presentations to intelligent non specialist audiences, engaging with researchers in diverse fields, giving and receiving feedback.
Opportunities to discuss research related issues which will be fed back to CUPSA. In 2016, we will meet every month. Each meeting will begin with a group discussion/ skills building activity, be followed by a presentation and discussion or workshop, and finish with opportunities to feedback on what you would like to discuss in future PODS meetings, or have us feedback to CUPSA on your behalf.

For more information, or to RSVP to a meeting, please contact the PODS coordinator Adnan Mannan at: PODS now has a Facebook group! Come check us out and chat with other postgraduates!

Next Meeting:
PODS meetings are held every month of 2016. Hope to see you there!
Adnan Mannan
PODS Coordinator & Secretary, CUPSA




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