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Who we are
CUPSA is operated by a council of 9 representatives, with an executive officer who operates the day to day work of the association. The 2016 CUPSA representatives are really excited about the opportunities that can arise for postgraduate students. The group is dedicated, passionate and experienced in providing quality advice and service to students.

  • President: Md Aminul Haque
  • Vice- President: Forhad Rabbi
  • Secretary & Treasurer: Adnan Mannan
  • Science & Engineering Faculty Rep: Donovan Lium
  • Health Science Faculty RepAbhishek Kumar Singh
  • Curtin Business School Faculty Rep: Umme Nusrat
  • Sebastian Daves-Slate
  • Sahar Fakhar
Executive Officer
Marjory Perkins


Hi, my name is Aminul, and I’m a PhD Candidate at Curtin in the Dept. of Mining Engineering & Metallurgical Engineering. I completed my M. Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics, from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Professionally, I am a University Teacher. This year, I am the President of CUPSA. I always do believe in hard working to run any association smoothly. I’m friendly, cooperative and always love fun. If you have any postgrads issues, please feel free to keep in touch with CUPSA.
Vice President:

Forhad is doing his PhD in Computing. He loves photography, roaming around and networking. He completed his earlier studies in Europe as an Eramus Mundus Scholar. 

Secreatry & Treasurer:

Adnan is from Health Sciences faculty. He is doing PhD in Pharmacy. He won the most prestigious Three Minute Thesis Contest '2015 in Curtin Final. He is a debater, organizer and performer. He loves to write regarding recent issues. He loves watching movies, reading novels, trying new foods and exploring new places. He did his masters from England. Adnan is a biotechnologist and loves doing research on medical biotechnology. In future, Adnan wants to work for underpreviledged children and betterment of education in underdeveloped countries. 

Representative: Science & Engineering: 

'Donovan is currently pursuing his second year PhD in Civil Engineering. Enjoys globetrotting very much (the perks and thrills alike). Intends to pursue post-doc in Geotechnical Engineering. Top 30 young geotechnical engineers by Marquis Who's Who in the World 2014. "When I was a kid, I thought that stuffed animals came to life when you weren't looking!"

Representative: Humanities: 

Representative: Health Sciences

Representative: Business School 




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