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The Diplomatic Development Society of Curtin

By engaging in diplomatic conversations and interacting with esteemed faculty and professionals, our objective is to promote student’s confidence and experience within the diplomatic realm.


The Diplomatic Development Society of Curtin aims to close a gap recognized by students within the Curtin club environment, specifically for those who have a keen interest in diplomatic and international relations. Our club was founded on the “Voice for the Voiceless” initiative which aims to promote the skills of individuals interested in social advocacy and the protection of voiceless peoples. The club’s main objective is to create a positive and interactive space for students who would like to peruse careers in diplomatic affairs, international relations, and advocacy to come and share their worldly ideas whilst interacting with individuals who share likeminded interests.

Members can participate in events that will promote the skills and knowledge that they'll require for their prospective careers. Furthermore, we aim to be a source of information for students who may seeking knowledge and guidance in regard their interests and prospective careers. We aim to promote ‘information session and discussions’ to provide members with the knowledge and empowerment that they may be searching for in regard to careers in diplomacy, advocacy or international affairs. We believe that the community itself will further help engage members with such information as peers interact with one another and share their personal guidance and experiences. Further participants may include students completing double degrees/majors (or those who have particular interests) in politics and policy making, law and even business. In order to cater to such students, we also promote partnerships with existing clubs and societies on campus, such as Curtin Women in Business.