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Omani Student Society of WA

The vision of OSSWA is to be Western Australia’s leading campus Omani student representative organisation.


Established in 2003, The Omani Students Society in Western Australia (OSSWA) is a non-profit organisation and is the premier representative body of all Omani students at Curtin University of Technology, Murdoch University, the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Central Institute of Technology and Canning Collage. OSSWA continues to represent the interests of Omani students to the universities, local organisations and the wider community. The vision of OSSWA is to be Western Australia’s leading campus Omani student representative organisation.

OSSWA provides instrumental services to students that promote and sustain their life on campus and off campus. The society creates a ‘feel at home’ environment to all its members through the organization of social, cultural and sport activities. OSSWA, in addition, is dedicated to publicise the rich Omani culture and heritage, and participate in various events organised by other societies in all universities in the state. The society is officially registered with the Ministry of Higher Education (Oman) and it follows the published scholarships rules and regulations concerning Omani students studying abroad.

The mission of the society is to provide services to the students helping them to have a fulfilling university experience through:
• Fostering and promoting stimulated learning environment through activities of the society,
• Actively representing students to Students Guild at all universities,
• Ensuring effective cultural exchange between Oman and the Western Australian (WA) community.

• To be Western Australia’s leading campus and off campus Omani student representative organisation.
• To improve the awareness of the Omani culture in Western Australia
• To increase the admiration of young students in studying abroad and representing Oman.

We accept and follow the rules and laws of Western Australia

We work as a team and share the same team spirit to be successful

We are consistent in providing instrumental services to Omani students

We are friendly and hospitable to all nationalities and cultures.

We give a hand and support local community activities where possible.

Our logo brings together simplicity, harmony and unity as well as it represents the ever-lasting development of the society. The colors of Oman’s flag are referred to by the ‘white-red-green’ vertical sequential order. In addition, the three people on the top represent the nature of our organization as a student society. The students are holding one another in away that reflect unity.

The blue ‘S’ shape demonstrates three elements: (1) the Swan River that penetrates WA’s capital city – Perth, (2) The Australian flag and (3) the continuous development of our society. The overlap between the ‘O’ letter in Oman and the Australian flag symbolizes harmony and friendship.

In short, the logo highlights four W’s – the ‘What, Where, Who and Why’. This is what we call uniqueness and innovation!

• Organization of annual Omani Cultural Shows and Exhibitions in the attendance of members of universities chancellery boards and government representatives.
• Organization of annual Graduation Ceremonies in the attendance of members of universities chancellery boards and department deans.
• Participation in the ‘Scientists in Schools’ program run by the WA Government. Our participation goes in the form of organizing scientific talks about Oman’s unique geology and sea species.
• Participation in the annual Multicultural Friendship Games organized by the WA police.
• Participation in the all-year-round activities run at local libraries in WA.
• Addition of quality books that talk about Oman in the universities libraries.
• Participation in voluntary work in WA.

OSSWA is a not-for-profit organization and as such the society relies completely on external donations and contributions. The society serves currently more than one hundred students enrolled in diverse disciplines at different universities in WA. The society is managed though a committee board of eight members. Every year the role of the society becomes more pronounced as a result of the increase in the number of new students coming.

OSSWA acknowledges that coming together was its beginning, keeping together is its progress and working together determines its success. The society organizes diverse activities throughout the year to promote its vision and mission.

Just imagine the benefits of getting the students sitting together for social reasons! Not only does this stimulate the bonding, support and playfulness of the members but will also encourage teamwork and shared decision making skills where life challenges shift from ‘striving to be number one’ to working toward a mutual goal – thanks to social activities!

Graduation Ceremonies
Every May of each year and under the honor of His Excellency Mr. Hamid Al Hajri – General Consul of Oman, OSSWA celebrates the achievements of its graduating students. The ceremony program reminds the students of their academic journey – a journey that started out with confidence and looking forward thinking. In addition to the technical capabilities, the ceremony also reminds

Cultural Show and Exhibition
OSSWA considers cultural shows and exhibitions as a magic way to showcase the rich and diverse Omani culture. It is so pleasing to hear many foreign testimonials every year saying that ‘Oman is the best country we have ever seen’ or ‘Oman is our next destination!’. OSSWA has started putting extensive time and efforts in making this year’s event spectacular. The theme of this year is ‘Oman – Peaceful and Joyful’ demonstrating peaceful Omani people, clear skies, clean beaches, eye-taking forts, breath-taking hospitality and modernization.

Sport is considered to be a universal language that brings people together. No matter what origin or background, economic or social status, sports events brings about team work and tolerance for one another. OSSWA holds football training every Saturday for the members and participates in many sports competition held in Western Australia such as the WA police multicultural friendly competition.