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Redeemed Campus Fellowship


The Redeemed Campus Fellowship is a multicultural religious association with young energetic and matured Christians with a passion for Christ and the ability to impact its immediate community; through spreading the message of love as well as helping students socially, academically and spiritually.

The fellowship differs from other Christian religious club as we are of African descent and will like to reach out to the university community especially the African student by spreading the gospel in a way that integrates our culture without religious through the journey of University The fellowship shares a universal Christian faith whose main objective is to enlighten the young mind especially Africans within our campus on building a perfect relationship with God

The objects of the Association are:

  1. Provision of spiritual support for campus students specifically African Christian student.
  2. Provision of personal development for campus students.
  3. To help and support campus students with emotional and social issues.
  4. To be the medium of networking for African Christian student.
  5. Provision seminars and motivational talk
  6. Mission statement: Develop spirit led, trusting, and reliable observant and dependable campus students in a giving, supporting and confidential environment.

This club identifies as "Pentecostal".