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TeaDao Club

The TeaDao club will be focused on improving student health and wellbeing by providing healthy and sustainable alternatives to energy drinks and coffee.


High quality teas is what it is all about and how to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle for a calm and relaxing break. Being a student myself i find that i crash after consuming lots of highly caffeinated beverages and eventually fall behind in my studies from poor personal care. This is why i looked for an alternative and i want to share this opportunity with other students by eventually offering free teas on campus for all to enjoy. The teas i have are sourced, are from the best locations in China, and i have personally tried and tested them all on lots of people. Other than common western teas, these Chinese ones come in 5 categories, each with their own health benefits. (Oolong, Pu'uer, Green, Black and White). Becoming more accustomed to the tea tasting is a fun experience much like wine tasting, where the more you drink them, the more flavours you are able to uncover. The Chinese serving style i teach is also an amazing booster for socialising as it is served in very small cups and continuously poured and shared around the group. These techniques have been lost in the western style of drinking tea, along with the quality of the tea being very poor. I not only aim to improve student mental/ physical health, but also help students socialise and educate them on high quality teas.