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Passion 4 Jesus

PASSION is a Christ-loving and serving student organisation dedicated to investing in each individual's life and enriching your life experiences here in Curtin.


We would like to be your family in university and to support one another through your years here in Curtin.

PASSION is the campus ministry of our church, Zion Praise Harvest. Our club consists of students across all the main universities in Perth WA. We meet in small groups and church services weekly at Curtin and UWA.

We're an official guild club of Curtin University and The University of Western Australia, consisting of young, passionate people who acknowledge and worship God as our Lord and Saviour.

In PASSION, we aim to build lasting relationships with others and help students through transition, whether it be in college, university or working adult life. We've got events varying from sports, food, performing arts and helping the community. The only thing missing is...

This club identifies as "Pentecostal/Evangelical Charismatic"