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2021 New Club Application: Expression of Interest

If you have any queries about starting a new club prior to completing this form, please contact the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au.

New club applications are only accepted within designated registration periods each semester, as follows:
  • Semester One 2021 Club Intake Period: 30 Nov 2020 – 26 Mar 2021
  • Semester Two 2021 Club Intake Period: 21 June 2021 - 20 August 2021
Please ensure you have read through the requirements for registering a new club with the Guild prior to starting this form. These requirements are outlined in the Clubs Charter, HERE.

All club applications are sent to the Guild Executive for approval. You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email, to your provided club and office bearer email addresses. 

Please allow four weeks for processing. This may be slightly longer in peak periods (January - March). 

Please provide the full name of your proposed new club in this section. Please remember that your club name must clearly indicate that you are based at Curtin, and that you are a club / society / association. The acronym or shorthand version of your club name may also be provided in brackets if applicable, however we require the full version of the club name for record keeping purposes. We do also have several clubs who share the same acronym.

This is the email where the initial confirmation of your submission will be sent. Please be aware that any further communications, after this original confirmation email, will also be circulated to the rest of your office bearers, as per the contact details you will provide later in this form.

Please note that the Curtin Student Guild is currently only able to facilitate club management and support at Curtin's Australian-based campuses. For international campuses, please make contact with the relevant department at your specific campus.

Please introduce your club and explain what you are all about. Think of this as your "pitch" - a description of your club for both prospective members and the Guild. What can a student expect if they join your club? What's it all about? What will you do for your members?

Please note that the information you provide here will become the default public description for your club, should your registration be approved. With this in mind: -

  • Be specific,Be appealing, 
  • Be clear, AND
  • Assume you are writing for those who have minimal have background knowledge in your particular field or area. (Avoid excessive jargon and acronyms!)

This can be more technical than your description above if relevant, and should focus on what your main goals are and what you hope to achieve.

Your club membership fee can be anything you like (free, $5, $10, etc.), however, Guild members must receive at least a 10% discount on their membership compared to other members. Please include all levels and tiers of membership pricing (where applicable).

Please note that final determination of your club category lies at the sole discretion of the Curtin Student Guild.

All affiliations with other organisations, persons, and groups must be disclosed to the Guild, whether the link be formal or informal. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • parent associations
  • religious advisors / pastors / imams / chaplains
  • churches, mosques, or other faith-based bodies
  • national or state-level governing bodies
  • professional associations
  • registered political parties or groups
  • branches at other universities
  • commercial sponsors / industry partners
  • Curtin Stadium (i.e. registered as a sports club)
  • Curtin School or Faculty Staff
  • charities
  • Curtin co-curricular programs or initiatives (i.e. JCLA, CV!)
  • corporate mentors

Please review the Guild's current Default Club Constitution before answering this question. This can be found HERE

Your office bearers are the people who will be running your club (your "organising committee"). There are four mandatory office bearer positions you must fill: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Each office bearer must also be a current Curtin student. Please record the details of your office bearers in THIS SPREADSHEET and attach this here. If you decide to appoint any additional committee members, please include these people on the spreadsheet also. Additional positions are completely optional, and tend to be more common in larger, established clubs. You may not find this necessary as a new club.

You are required to hold a meeting to "establish" your new club. The meeting should include everyone who intends to be involved with running your club, and will go over the initial thoughts and decisions around how the club will work. You must take written minutes at the meeting, which must describe (at a minimum) the following things occurring:

  • Choosing the club committee / office bearers (include each person's full name, student ID, non-Curtin email address, role, and phone number).
  • Deciding on the club name, general description, objectives/aims, planned activities, etc.
  • Indicating your intention to open a club bank account, what the name of the account will be, and nominating at least two of your office bearers to be signatories to that bank account.
  • You will also need these minutes when opening your new account at the bank, BUT we recommend you hold off on opening the bank account until you receive an outcome for your Expression of Interest - just in case your application is unsuccessful.

To demonstrate that sufficient interest exists at Curtin for the formation of your club, you must independently source at least ten "founding" members for your club. These ten founding members must all be current Curtin students, and you can include your club committee members / office bearers as part of the ten. No membership fee would typically apply to a founding member, however this is at your discretion. The ten students on this list have no obligation to be involved with running your club - the list serves purely to produce evidence that at least ten students are interested in your proposed club.

You will need to provide the following details for each person on this list:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Email address