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Student Assist - Childcare Assistance Grant

Curtin Student Guild Childcare Grant is a SSAF funded program designed to assist Curtin students who experience an occasional and unexpected childcare need.
Essential requirements and eligibility
  • Currently enrolled Curtin student (Must provide Confirmation of Enrolment)
  • Primary carer for a child under the age of 12
  • In receipt of a means tested Centrelink benefit or on low income (Must provide 3 months bank statements/transactions)
  • Have an unexpected need to access childcare services in order to satisfactorily meet the current study commitments.
  • With the assistance of the Guild’s Financial counsellor, demonstrate financial hardship

The Grant can only be used to purchase childcare services supplied by an Australian Government Dept. of Human Services approved provider.

Please upload your COE

Your personal fortnightly income from Work (net amount after tax). State 0 if you have no income from work.

Please attach 2 most recent payslips

Your personal fortnightly income from Centrelink (including family tax A & B). State 0 if You have no income from Centrelink.

Income statements etc.

Your personal fortnightly income from scholarships. State $0 if you have no income from scholarship.

Confirmation letter/contract

Your personal fortnightly income from other sources (e.g. maintenance payments etc.). State $0 if you have no other income.

Please upload 3 months bank statements of you and/or your partner.
Highlight unusual payments and notate.

children who are under the age of 12 who currently reside with you.

The Maximum available Child Care Assistance Grant is currently capped at ($500.00) per applicant per semester. Please indicate how much of the grant you are applying for

Please attach a short supporting statement (max 500 words) outlining the unexpected nature of your current childcare needs and how this impacts upon your current study commitments. Attachment number

I do sincerely declare that all information supplied by me in this application for a Child Care Grant is true and correct in every particular. I agree to the terms and conditions of the Guild’s Child Care Grants Scheme and understand that even though I may meet the selection criteria to apply for a grant, I may not necessarily receive one.

This declaration is true and I know that it is an offence to make a declaration knowing that it is false in a material particular.

Please ensure that all relevant documentation is attached before submitting your application. All information remains the confidential property of the Student Assist department of the Curtin Student Guild.