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Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting RSVP 2021

The Clubs & Societies Committee forum will provide clubs with an opportunity to make reports/recommendations to the Guild and discuss the management and administration of clubs. It will allow two-way, constructive and evaluative feedback between Clubs and the Guild. Attending these meetings gives you the opportunity to help us, help clubs by having your say on upcoming projects. You are provided with the opportunity to take part in and voicing your opinion/feedback and ideas for the changing world of how and what we deliver to clubs.

Clubs are provided with the opportunity to submit items for the agenda within this RSVP form. Agenda submissions close one week prior to each meeting date and the final agenda will then be circulated to all clubs shortly after. See here to view past meeting minutes. 

Who should attend the C&S Meeting? It is recommended that all clubs send at least one committee member to these meetings, however all committee members are welcome to attend in person or online. Please RSVP so we can ensure venue capacity is not breached.

Meetings for 2021 will be held on the following dates and will not exceed one hour in duration unless specified:

  • Thursday 11th March, 4pm (followed by an Event Management Workshop)
  • Thursday 13th May, 4pm
  • Thursday 5th August, 4pm
  • Thursday 7th October, 4pm

LOCATION: Bentley Campus & online dial-in option using zoom. Room number & video link will be sent to you once you have submitted this form.

If you do not have a zoom account, you can create a free account here: https://zoom.us/signup and download the app to any device.

Please note that binding motions cannot be passed within the C&S Committee meetings, however recommendations will be made to the Guild.

Please provide full club name - no acronyms or shorthand.

Agenda submissions close one week prior to the next meeting date.