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Club Voucher Lodgement Form

Two $5 Club Vouchers are given out to each student when they collected their Guild membership sticker, and can be used by Curtin students to score a discount when joining your club. So, what's the deal, and how do you get paid? Pretty simple, actually: 

  1. Pop them in an envelope (each voucher must be clearly labelled with your club name and a student ID).
  2. Submit the envelope containing your vouchers via:
    • Post - Please address the letter to: Clubs Officer, Curtin Student Guild, Building 106D Curtin University, Bentley 6102 WA.
    • In Person - Please deliver your envelope to G-Mart in Building 106D between opening hours (Mon - Friday, 8am - 2pm, excluding public holidays). Staff will direct you to a mailbox near the counter in order to avoid contact. The Clubs Officer will collect these once weekly.
  3. Submit this online lodgement form so that we know it's on its way or has been dropped-off. Complete this online form. 
  4. That's it! Funds will be transferred directly into your club bank account within 1 - 3 weeks from receiving the vouchers.

We'll reimburse you $5 for each voucher you return to us, straight into your club bank account. Most reimbursements take no longer than three weeks to arrive in your account. *Please note that we will use the bank account you provided on this year's registration, so make sure you update us if anything has changed. If you've given us the wrong bank details, we are unable to reissue any lost funds.

The name of the person lodging the vouchers.

I hereby verify that all of the information provided in this form is true and accurate. I further verify that each voucher submitted in this lodgement envelope has been completed in full by a Curtin student who has joined our club. Club vouchers will be re-counted by the Club Officer prior to payment being made. In the case of any discrepancy between the number of vouchers nominated above and the number of vouchers counted by the Club Officer, the Club Officer’s count is final. I acknowledge that reimbursement funds will be paid by the Guild via direct transfer into the club’s bank account within approximately 1 -3 weeks, using the bank details provided in the club’s annual renewal / registration with the Guild this year. I accept that no repayments will be made should these bank details be incorrect or outdated, and understand that it is the club’s responsibility to notify the Club Officer immediately in writing (via email) should the club’s bank details have changed at any time throughout the year.