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Finance, Grants & Funding Workshop RSVP

Josh Farr from Campus Consultancy will meet us online to offer two workshop's to help your 2021 club committee members hit the ground running. We've had a hard year and your club has probably taken a bit of a hit so let's build on our skills to give your club the best lead in to the new year.

Finance, Grants & Funding
Are finances on your mind? How can managing your finances, grants and funding sources not be reactive, but proactive? This workshop will allow leaders to maximise the value delivered to their students, support innovative ideas coming to life while meeting financial requirements necessary for the long term success of the student group.

You will learn how to:
• Identify sources of funding available at your university
• Describe what is required to meet the funding/grant requirements and where to access necessary application forms/processes
• Build a budget for an event and the year ahead
 Identify potential costs for their group over the calendar year
• Diversify income sources to maximise value delivered to students

We've partnered with Josh to deliver one of two workshops. Learn more about Josh and his history leading his own club in 2013 and delivering training to University clubs across Australia HERE.

Join us Online via ZOOM on Thursday 8 April 2021 @ 11am - 1pm

Note: this session will be recorded in the Zoom platform.

Please provide full club name - no acronyms or shorthand.