$1500 Club Sponsorship Grant Application

Each Guild-registered club can apply for up to $1500 in potential Guild sponsorship for activities/ events / equipment that benefit the club’s members and/or students in general. This $1500 can be applied for in one lump sum, or in increments throughout the year (the Guild Clubs Officer will keep a record of your progressive spend).


  1. All sponsorship grant applications must be submitted prior to expenditure. Applications should only be submitted if the committee is 100% committed and certain on their proposed purchases / expenditure.

  2. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for grants to be reviewed, and up to another week for funds to be deposited. The total turnaround time, from application being submitted to funds being received, is typically around three weeks. Once funds arrive in the club bank account, they should immediately be spent on their designated purpose, exactly as declared in the sponsorship form. Receipt/s must be emailed to clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au as soon as the purchase/s has/have been made, and must match the amount and description of goods originally requested within the sponsorship application.

  3. Minimum sponsorship amount per application is $100.00. The sponsorship grant is not intended to fund minor incidental purchases (i.e. snacks, stationery, small admin costs), but rather towards the accumulated costs associated with a particular event, activity, or project. Ongoing incidental costs should be self-funded by your club - e.g. via membership fees, independent fundraising, event profits, etc.

  4. The total sponsorship amount granted may vary based on a wide range of factors, including, but not limited to:

    • Club size
    • Number of students to benefit
    • Whether the event is held on or off campus
    • Whether Guild services and suppliers were used wherever possible
  5. Final amount approved is at the discretion of the Guild Executive Council, according to the provisions and criteria outlined within the Curtin Student Guild Rules - L0906 and L0907.

  6. Goods and services should not be purchased prior to applying for sponsorship, as grant approval is not guaranteed. Should your grant application be rejected, you will not be reimbursed for your expenses. The Guild makes no guarantee that your grant application will be approved, and reserves the right to deny club applications at the discretion of the Guild Executive Committee. Please also note that, legally, your committee members are personally financially liable to pay for any invoice/s you have had issued to your club, regardless of grant outcome. This reiterates the importance of applying for your grant, and awaiting approval, prior to spending money or signing invoice agreements.

  7. First-year clubs have a two month waiting period before they can apply for this grant.

  8. In order to be eligible for this grant, club membership base must demonstrate that at least 51% of members are Full Guild members. This must be evidenced within an up-to-date membership list. The membership list must show, for each member of the club, the following information (at a minimum):

    • Full name
    • Student number
    • Email address
    • Guild status
  9. All applications for funding must be submitted before the end of the calendar year of the year of registration (December 31st), after which time that year's grant allowance expires. Grants cannot be applied for retrospectively, and will not be back-dated.

  10. Guild sponsorship cannot be used to pay for alcohol in any capacity.

  11. Each separate funding request requires the submission of a new completed application form (i.e. one application per event/activity).

  12. All associated promotional materials are required to include a reasonably sized Guild logo.

  13. In the case of events, Guild members must be offered tickets at 10% less than non-Guild members.

  14. If your grant is approved, copies of all receipt/s must be emailed to the Clubs Officer at clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au, immediately after you have made the relevant purchases. Should receipts not be provided in a timely manner (i.e. within one month of receiving funds to your club bank account), you will be required to return the grant money to the Guild.

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1. Club Name:*

Please write your club name in full (no acronyms / short-hand).

2. Contact person (name and role within club):*

The applicant must be one of the club's four office bearers currently registered with the Guild. Please provide your full name, student number, and your current office bearer position.

3. Contact email:*

This is where the outcome of your application will be sent, as well as where any queries regarding your application will be directed.

4. Contact phone number:*

This is a back-up contact measure, in case we need to reach you to follow up any issues with your application.

5. Please summarise the activity, function or other expense for which these funds will be used, and outline the benefit for student members.*

Please be as detailed as possible, including a name and description of the event/activity (where applicable).

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6. Will this be in conjunction with any other clubs or organisations? If so, which?*

Please include, where applicable:
- external sponsors,
- parent organisations assisting you,
- support from your School, Faculty, or other Curtin department,
- other Curtin clubs collaborating with you,
- clubs from other universities collaborating or assisting you,
- any other third party involvement.

7. Sponsorship amount requested:*

Please note that funds will only be released up to the value demonstrated on the invoice/s and/or quote/s provided in support of your application. Any funds claimed that are not adequately evidenced in supporting documentation will not be granted.

Acceptable evidence includes invoices, written quotes, or other formalised evidence of exact cost. Please note that all sponsorship approvals are contingent on receipts being forwarded to the Clubs Officer immediately after the purchase has been made.

8. Please attach invoice/s or quote/s here.*

Preferred format is PDF.

9. Please attach additional invoices or quotes here if required.

Preferred format is PDF.

10. Please attach additional invoices or quotes here if required.

Preferred format is PDF.

11. Please attach additional invoices or quotes here if required.

Preferred format is PDF.

12. Please attach additional invoices or quotes here if required.

Preferred format is PDF.

13. Is your application for funding for an EVENT?*

24. Please attach your current club membership list.*

List must include full names, student numbers, and Guild status (at a minimum).

Preferred format is PDF.

25. If you wish to attach any additional supporting documents, please do so here.

26. If you wish to attach any additional supporting documents, please do so here.

27. Do you acknowledge & accept the terms and conditions of this grant?*

Terms and conditions for the $1500 Club Sponsorship Grant are outlined at the commencement of this form. Please ensure you have read them thoroughly before clicking "yes" and submitting your application, as by doing so, you acknowledge that you understand how the grant works, and agree to be bound by all stipulations outlined.

Thank you for your grant application. Your request will be reviewed by the Guild Executive Council at their next meeting, and the Clubs Officer will email you with the outcome of your application within one to three weeks.