Market Days

Curtin Student Guild has for many years hosted our weekly Guild Market Days along Sir Charles Court Promenade at Curtin University, Bentley Campus. Our market appeals to a wide range of Curtin students and staff; surrounded by food vans, cafes and retail outlets, the location attracts lunch time wanderers and runs during the University’s dedicated common free time.

Guild Market days are open to select stalls we believe would be suited to our students. In order to incorporate a wide variety of stall types, you are NOT required to attend every week. To manage the rotation of vendors we will create a roster depending on your availability and accessible space/equipment.

Promenade Markets – Quick Guide
WHAT: Curtin Student Guild’s Promenade Markets are run for the enjoyment of Curtin University students and Guild members, allowing them to experience locally made/sourced creations, including vintage clothing, records and handmade products conveniently on campus.
Please note: No food or beverage sales are permitted

WHERE: Sir Charles Court Promenade, Curtin University, Bentley

WHEN: Semester 1 - Commencing 1st of March 2017 every Wednesday from 12pm – 3pm until the 31st of May 2017. Excluding tuition free weeks (12th of April & 19th of April)

COST: There are NO fees associated with holding a stall!

EQUIPMENT: Curtin Student Guild will provide you with 1 marquee (3X3m) and 1 standard trestle table for use from 10:30am – 3:30pm on your allocated Market day.

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