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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help students during this uncertain time.
Always check your Official Communication Channel (OCC) on OASIS for all formal notices from Curtin University for up to date information and any significant changes.

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What's the maximum weighting for exams?
No exams should be worth more than 50% of your final grade (unless required for accreditation).

When are exams?
There is an added teaching week to the end of this semester due to COVID-19.
This will mean that the study week and exam period are delayed by one week.
Exam Week Dates: 15th - 26th June 2020

How will online exams work?
For units that require an invigilated examination for accreditation, online invigilation software will be used.
Curtin uses an in-house software called IRIS.
Find our more information on IRIS

Can I defer exams?
Yes. Always contact your Unit Coordinator as soon as possible, exams can be requested for deferral through the request alternate exam form in your OASIS and through the assessment extension application.



Late assignment penalities?
Curtin has told Unit Coordinators to remove late assessment penalties wherever possible. Unit Coordinators are being asked to communicate any changes to their students. At the same time students are being asked to continue to submit assessment extension requests which permit self-certification (i.e. no medical certificate required).

If you are not satisfied with the advice from your Unit Coordinator, please contact Student Assist or your Guild Faculty representative for advocacy.

Group Assignment maximum weighting?
There is no prescription of maximum weighting for group assignments, but there are strict guidelines around how must be conducted. Assessment tasks which involve group work will demonstrate how the basis for marks for group processes and/or individual processes is fair, transparent and defensible.
Assessment and Student Progression Manual (2.7/Page 9)

Academic decisions against me?
You have the right to appeal an academic decision relating to you.
Refer to - Assessment and Student Progressions Manual: Assessment Appeals.

Assessments, Practicals & Tests 


What is the maximum number of Assessments I can have?
25 CREDIT UNIT - No more than 3 summative assessments.
12.5 CREDIT UNIT - No more than 2 summative assessments.
PER UNIT - No more than 1 incremental assessment.

Incremental assessments are assessment items that are split into smaller parts (eg. weekly online labs, weekly lab reports etc.). Summative assessments is interchangeable with 'assessment tasks', ie. the number of boxes under 'Assessment Schedule' on your unit outline.

What happens to my prac due to COVID-19?
Contact your unit coordinator for this information.

What happens to my labs due to COVID-19?
All labs are being transferred to online delivery.

Education, Grades & Fees 

Are Abacus labs still open?
Yes! Labs are accessible by swipe card access only and social distancing measures have been applied.

I can't get in contact with my Unit Coordinator

If you can't get in contact with your unit coordinator, get in contact with your Guild Faculty representative so they can assist in the process.

How do I opt-in for a pass grade?
All students will receive final grades as usual, but for affected study periods students who have passed their unit will have the option of either accepting their grade/mark, or accepting a pass for the unit.
This will be available within units except where a grade/mark is essential (e.g. Honours units). After the final marks have been released, students can, on an individual basis, request that the University replaces their mark with a ‘P’ (pass) designation that does not count towards their semester and course weighted averages.

Students have been asked to contact Curtin Connect if they require further information. 

How do I access library services?

The Library is closed but it will re-open from Monday 4 May. In order to protect the health and safety of staff and students, a range of risk mitigation measures will be put in place including: no face to face services; limiting opening hours to 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday when adequate physical distancing can be monitored and managed; separate entry and exits with hand sanitiser at both points and throughout the building; no access to group study rooms; and furniture arranged to meet the current government requirements for physical distancing. In addition, the Library’s online and phone query service will continue to be available from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday.

Library Services can be accessed through your student OASIS under the "My Library" Tab. Here you can access your useful links for the library website, journal databases, workshops and much more.
Library Help
Study Skills
Study and Research Guides

How do I study at home?
Your Student Representatives have put together some tips to help you study productively at home.
Home Study tips

Do I have to pay for parking?
No. Parking is free at the Curtin Bentley campus until the end of June 2020. There is no need to start your CellOPark during this period.

Do we need to do anything with SSAF credits?
No. SSAF credits will be applied to charges automatically.

To request a refund, there is a form that is available from Curtin Connect to have your SSAF Refunded, it takes 28 days to process.

What are the chances we're going back to normal by next semester?
This will depend on the Government's advice, but the University will continue to do its best to provide equality education onine or face-to-face. I know many of us are hoping to return to campus in Semester Two.

What happens to graduation ceremonies?
Students will still be able to graduate but the official ceremonies will not be held until social distancing restrictions are lifted.

What if my course cannot go online?
All courses should be available online. Some may experience timing or unit changes to adjust to the online space this semester. If you are worried about your course progression, please contact Curtin Connect or your Course Coordinator.

Health & Wellbeing 


I'm sick during COVID-19, do I need a medical certificate?
No. To help reduce the burden on health services in the community, from Monday 23 March you will no longer be required to submit a medical certificate in support of an assessment extension application. As usual, you will need to explain why you are seeking an extension as part of the approval process.

Is there food assistance available?
Yes, you can apply through the Guild's website. Food hampers are available for pick up at the Bentley campus. For those unable to leave your homes, the Guild can make arrangements to have the hamper delivered to you.
Apply here.

What mental health services are available?
There are plenty of services on and off campus that can help you get back on the figurative horse!

Curtin Student Wellbeing
It’s free to call the Student Wellbeing Hotline on 1800 244 043.  

Student Assist

Lifeline Crisis support line
13 11 14 

Visit a Headspace centre

COVID-19 Support Resources

Further contact 


Visit this page for all COVID-19 Support Resources

Contact Student Assist for all Academic, Financial and Personal issues

Curtin Connect: 
(08) 9266 5888 or 1300 222 888

Student Assist: 
(08) 9266 2900 


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