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Curtin Student Guild Childcare Grant

Curtin Student Guild Childcare Grant is a SSAF funded program designed to assist Curtin students who experience an occasional and  unexpected childcare need.


To apply for the grant, applicants must satisfy the following criteria

  • Currently enrolled Curtin student 

  • Primary carer for a child under the age of 12

  • On low income or in receipt of a means tested Centerlink benefit 

  • Have an unexpected need to access childcare services in order to satisfactorily meet the current study commitments. 

The Grant can only be used to purchase childcare services supplied by an Australian Government Dept. of Human Services approved provider.

The Curtin Student Guild reserves the right to change eligibility criteria at any time.


As part of your application, students are required to submit the following:

  1. Two recent work payslips and/ or; 
  2. Centrelink payments and/ or; 
  3. Scholarship confirmation letter and/ or;
  4. Other income statements (e,g maintenance payments) attach bank statements with relevant information highlighted

Proceed to application form

If you have any questions about the Childcare Grant, please contact Student Assist on 9266 2900 or student.assist@guild.curtin.edu.au 


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