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2020 Club Mega Challenge - Level Two

LEVEL Two - Open Now!
To claim points on a task, lodge a points claim form.

Most points can be backdated where applicable so there is minimal disadvantage should your club or society enter the race at any time during the challenge. These tasks and mini-challenges will help grow and build up your club, so we'd encourage you to get involved now! 

The 2020 Club Mega Challenge is open to current Guild-registered clubs and societies only.

Run a Virtual Stall at O-Day, Semester Two

2 Points

Apply for a virtual stall HERE. Applications for O-Day close on 22nd July.

Code Word Challenge


Points Vary

Find code words within the current online club resources and communications, in order to access more points in the challenge. The code words may be found in the club pages on the Guild website within website text, templates, guidelines or in person at club meetings run by the Clubs Officer. There are only two codewords released so far, HINT: one is in the body of text on a landing page in the club section of the website, another is in a club form start text. New codewords released after the 9th September will only be added to NEW material uploaded to the web & this new material (eg. new templates, resources, application forms etc.) will come with a notice to clubs via email or on the Curtin Club reps Facebook page.

Inter-Club Collaboration Challenge

3 Points

Provide evidence of proactive communication/idea-sharing with other club committees. This can be in the form of running/planning collaborative club events, arranging committee meet-ups/networking activities, discussing ideas or making contact via email or in person for the purpose of idea sharing, building relationships etc.

Lodge a Club Feedback Form

5 Points

  • We'd love to hear from you with any feedback or ideas you have about a club, your own club, or general club matters, via the Club Feedback Form. If you do not have any feedback, you can also use the form to submit resources, templates or tips you'd like to share with other clubs via our online resource hub.

Curtin Extra Challenge

1 Point (per committee member)

Register for Curtin Extra and log the hours you've spent working on club activities in order for this to be recognised on your Curtin Extra certificate at graduation. More details HERE.

  • Maximum of 3 points available (up to 3 committee members).

Club Handover Challenge

3 Points

Make an induction guide/handover manual for your incoming 2021 club committee members.

Earlybird AGM Challenge

5 Points

Run your 2020 club Annual General Meeting correctly and in line with the updated Guild AGM Guidelines before October 9.

Add an Acknowledgement of Country to Your Email Signature

1 Point (per committee member)

An 'Acknowledgement of Country' is a way that all people can show awareness and respect for Aboriginal culture and heritage and the ongoing relationship the traditional owners have with their land. It is a demonstration of respect dedicated to the traditional custodians of the land. Please refer to the image in the next challenge for an example of what this can look like in an email signature if this is something you wish to do.

  • Maximum of 3 points available. 1 point available per committee member/central club email account.
  • Recommended example: I acknowledge that Curtin University is on the lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation. I pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. This land is stolen land and was never ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.​​​​​​

Add Pronouns to Your Committee's Email Signatures

1 Point (per committee member)

A pronoun is a word that refers to either the people talking (I or you) or someone/something that is being talked about (like she, it, them, and this). Pronouns like he, she and they specifically refer to the people that you are talking about. It is important to respect people's pronouns. You can't always know what someone's pronouns are by looking at them. Asking and correctly using someone's pronouns is one of the most basic ways to show your respect for gender identity. Adding these words (your own pronouns) to your email signature has the practical benefit of making clear how you would like to be referred to, while also signalling to the recipient that you will respect their gender identity and choice of pronouns.

  • Up to a max of 3 points available. (1 point available per committee member's email account.) 
  • Example below includes THIS LINK which descibes in further detail why understanding pronouns is important:

New Clubs Only: Create a Club Social Media Account 

4 Points per platform

  • Maximum 8 points available (can claim for up to two platforms - i.e. Facebook & Instagram).
  • Only available to clubs who have been registered with the Guild for the first time in 2019 or 2020.

Create an Online Interactive Member Forum 

2 Points

Create a space in the digital world with the purpose of encouraging your members to openly engage with you and each other.

  • Maximum 2 points available (can only claim once).
  • Clubs must have created the new forum from 2019 onwards to be eligible.
  • Examples include: Discord, Facebook groups, etc.

Guild Instagram Bio Tag

5 Points

Link to and tag @curtinguild in your Instagram bio so that Curtin students see that you are a Guild-affiliated club.

  • Maximum 5 points available (can only claim once).
  • Example below:

Committee Introductions on Instagram

1 Point per Story

Club committee members to make an IG story and tag @Curtinguild on each story. Tell your members what you like about being involved in the club / what your role in the club involves / a bit about yourself.

  • Maximum 3 points available (1 per story/per committee member)
  • Must add the stories to your "highlights" (so that we can find them when verifying points, as well as keeping available for interested students to view any time).

O-Week Daily Social Media Challenge

5 Points

During O-Week Semester Two, post something on your social media page(s) every day (27-31st July). This will help position your club to propsective new members as active, engaged, and appealing.

  • Maximum 5 points available (can only claim once).
  • 1 post (not a story) per day between 27th - 31st July.
  • Can use either Instagram or Facebook, but the five posts must all appear on the same platform.
  • You must tag @curtinguild on each post (within the picture so that we have sharing capabilities).
  • Ideas for posts:
    • Sharing Guild events/initiatives that you feel your members may be interested,  
    • Post/share details about an upcoming event/activity/initiative/club meeting you have planned for semester two,
    • Introduce your committee to your members,
    • Post about your favourite spots on campus.

Resources for scheduling tools you can use to assist you with posting across your social channels can be found HERE so you can plan your posts all at once.

Weekly Social Media Posts

5 Points

Post at least once per week  on either your club Facebook or Instagram page (between teaching weeks 1 -10).

  • Maximum 5 points available (can only claim once).
  • Points can only be claimed on the last week of the Mega Challenge (week 10).

Resources for scheduling tools you can use to assist you with posting across your social channels can be found HERE so you can plan your posts all at once.

Promotional Partner Challenge

1 Point (per share)

Share, repost or spruik one of the Guild's social media posts or events via your club's social media page(s), framing the post in a positive way. Select content that your club's particular member demographic is most likely to appreciate, attend, be interested in, or find helpful.

  • Maximum 4 points available.
  • 1 point available per Guild page shared from (i.e. 1 for sharing a Tav FB post, 1 for sharing a CSG FB post, 1 for reposting a CSG Insta story, 1 for sharing a Food at Curtin FB post)
  • Eligible official Guild social media platforms to choose from include:
    • Curtin Student Guild (Facebook & Instagram)
    • Curtin Tav (Facebook & Instagram)
    • Food at Curtin (Facebook & Instagram)
    • Guild Equity Groups (Facebook & Instagram)


The clubs or societies with the most points at the end of the challenge win these cash prizes to spend on their club:

1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $350
3rd Place - $200

Participation Prize - $100
(awarded to one participating club at random, just for being part of it!)

2020 Street Party

Kicking off at 2pm we’ll have some chill live music, food trucks on the lawn and bevs at The Tav for a nice mellow vibe.

After 5pm we open up the big stage and get the music pumping all the way to midnight for a night you won’t forget!