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Training & Templates for Clubs

These training workshops play a huge role in introducing club office bearers to the skills, networks, and knowledge you will need to run your club effectively. 

If there is something you'd like to see offered, please email the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au or submit a feedback form.

Free Online Workshops, Apps and Engagement Tools

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Feel free to add to this board and we encourage you to share your experiences you've had using these programs in the comment section on each card.

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• Succession Planning Workshop
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• AGM Q&A Session
• Club Induction
• Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault
• Club Finances
• Film & Editing workshop
• Game Changers Workshop Series
• Templates


Succession Planning Workshop


Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave or retire. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable committee members that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available. Taken narrowly, "replacement planning" for key roles is the heart of succession planning (Wikipedia).
Did you know that 46% of organizations have effective succession planning in place? (Stanford, 2010).

IN THIS WORKSHOP, you will learn about the six intrinsic drivers of motivation, self-assess where you are performing at your best and develop an action plan to feel better and stay on track over the 2020/2021 year ahead. You will learn how to:

  • Identify the 3-stages of succession planning;
  • Apply the desire-performance matrix to assess internal leadership potential within your student group;
  • Explore the 4-M's of leadership development;
  • Create a leadership value proposition for new leaders;
  • Complete a succession planning template for committee development and role passover.

We've partnered with Josh to deliver one of two workshops. Learn more about Josh and his history leading his own club in 2013 and delivering training to University clubs across Australia HERE.

Join us Online via ZOOM on Wednesday 28th October @ 11am - 1pm
This session will run on zoom and will be accessible online at a later date for those who cannot make this session. 


Volunteer & Team Managment Workshop

How do you stay motivated and where does motivation come from? In this workshop, you will learn about the six intrinsic drivers of motivation, self-assess where you are performing at your best and develop an action plan to feel better and stay on track over the 2020/2021 year ahead.

You will learn how to:

  • Describe the 4-stages of team formation: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing (Dr Bruce Tuckman);
  • Describe the 6-drivers of motivation;
  • Assess their personal motivation hierarchy across the 6-drivers of motivation;
  • Understand and empathize with the needs of volunteers and peers;
  • Motivate individuals and teams by applying actions from each of the 6-drivers.

Learn more about Josh and his history leading his own club in 2013 and delivering training to University clubs across Australia HERE.

Join us Online via ZOOM on Wednesday 4th November 2020 @ 11am - 1pm.
We'll record the session on Zoom for those who cant make the live event, however we do recommend attending on the day in order to interact with the host and get the most out of it!


Annual General Meeting Q&A Session

Got questions about Annual General Meetings?

  • Did you know you that you need to run one EVERY year to report on the year, vote and elect your committee for the incoming year?
  • Did you know that ALL (Curtin student) members of your club should have the opportunity to nominate themselves and vote? And that your current executive committee or parent organisation CANNOT handpick students for these committee roles?
  • Do you want to introduce a custom constitution or make changes to yours? If so, did you know you should contact the Guild first to notify us of your intensions so we can provide advice?

We'd like to go over the process of the AGM guidelines AND Guild's club constitution to bring up common mistakes and answer all of your questions.

Monday 12th October from 4pm.
This session runs withing  the final Club & Societies Committee Meeting so please attend this meeting to talk about AGM's

Attend in person on Curtin Campus (410:428)  or DIAL IN ONLINE (details in the RSVP form confirmation)


Club Induction 

Club Induction Presentation Slides

Guild Club Induction Sessions are an important starting point for all club office bearers taking on an executive role in a club for the first time and returning office bearers who have not previously attended a Club Induction Day. These slides will provide an overview of essential basic training on the core processes and resources involved with running a club at Curtin. 

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault

SARC Course Registration
This free course developed by the Sexual Assault Resource Centre WA (SARC) aims to increase knowledge and understanding about sexual assault issues and to increase people's ability to effectively respond to disclosures of sexual assault from adolescents and adults. All club committee members are encouraged to complete this course. The Curtin Student Guild is committed to ensuring safe, consensual and enjoyable campus club culture. COURSE TIP: Login as a 'guest' when you register for this free course. 

Please also read the Guild's consent & sexual safety guidelines for clubs as it provides further information on how you can play your part.

Club Finances 

Managing Club Finances
A guide for treasurers & club executives on how to manage and oversee club finances for reporting, budgeting and overall management.

Film & Editing workshop 

View Film & Editing workshop
This Film & Editing workshop will show you how to use film for digital engagement purposes using your mobile and apps. Arun Raj from the Digital Student Engagement team at Curtin walks you through how to make an engaging video with real life examples. With over a decade of experience in both the corporate and creative space, Arun is well versed in best practice with content creation and will walk you through the steps and questions you should ask yourself before and while you’re creating content for your audience.

This session was delivered at Curtin Connect on 9th March 2020.

Links and Editing Software referred to in the workshop:

Premier Pro tutotial video
For beginners

Motion graphicstemplates for Adobe Pro
Want to add some motion graphics to your videos — without After Effects?

YouTube audio library
Browse and download free music for your project

Build and protect your brand using powerful, recognizable short links

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription for Students 
Any issues, contact Curtin's Service desk on (08) 9266 9000

Free video creator for content marketing

techradar. HitFilm Express
Create your own filmic masterpiece with this free video creation software

techradar. Lightworks
This powerful editing suite will help you create stunning videos, and it's free for home users


Game Changers Workshop Series 2020

Brought to you by Curtin's Careers, employment and leadership team, the Game Changers workshop series are design to help students understand the influence of positive social impact and transformative leadership. Through the ten topics across the workshop series, we will learn together to explore topics such as Leadership 101, Team work, Self-awareness, Goal Setting, Forming Habits for Success, Building Networks, Driving Change, Leveraging Diversity, Public Speaking and Conflict Management.  

These workshops are open to all students and would highly benefit club leaders. Students can attend one or as many of the workshops throughout the semester. 
Students can find out more information about the workshop series and explore the various sessions on offer through UniHub.  



View Templates for Clubs
You one-stop-shop for Finance, Annual General Meetings (AGM), Events and Marketing templates.

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