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Use Get - Warnings & What to do Next

Following on from our email earlier this week (see below thread), we have been in touch with Curtinโ€™s Privacy team and the Cyber Security Operations team to discuss potential issues involving clubs and societies using useGET and a data breach. We ask that clubs respond quickly and take the appropriate action, such as:

  • Immediately cease using GET. Perhaps consider using a new ticketing program for event ticket sales.

  • Contact your members AND those who attended your events after purchasing tickets via this system immediately.

    • Notify them of this data breach to advise them about some sensitive information that exposed some of your member data (including but not limited to phone numbers, date of birth, names, emails, student numbers, and other sensitive financial information), that may also contain data from your club/society. If you have not used UseGet (formerly QNect) in the last 16 months, then this may not apply to you, but your data may still be present in the leak.If any of your member's data is present, pro-actively reach out to them to alert them to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity

  • Reach out to UseGet (https://useget.com) to get a full list of any leaks that they may be aware of (particularly any financial information)

  • Avoid clicking on any links from sources you do not recognise. For example, if any links are sent purporting to come from QPay, check that the domain name is from quicklypay.it and signed (usually identified by a green lock box on most browsers) OR hover your mouse over the name of the link without clicking it to view the full URL. Please note they should never ask for any passwords or financial information.

Please note that we do not know the extent of the data breach and we are unaware of what personal information has been exposed (contact numbers, credit card details etc) however itโ€™s is best to be as transparent as possible with your members at this time and advise them regardless.

Email: 13/09/19 - Clubs Officer

UseGet Data Breach

As per an article on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/unsw/comments/d0qzro/massive_50k_australian_student_data_breach/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

It would appear that a third party that allows student clubs to manage themselves has not been protecting their data correctly. 

Initial reports are showing University of Sydney is particularly impacted. Unfortunately there is no way for Curtin as an external agency to determine if any Curtin students are impacted. 

The Cyber Security Operations team is asking student clubs who might have used this service to get in touch to determine if there are any measures that need to be taken around this breach. Please advise via return email?

Email: 10/09/19 - Clubs Officer

Guild Games - Club vs Club Showdown

Peeps....don't forget that Guild Games registrations CLOSE THIS THURSDAY (event runs next week - 11th sept). Get involved!

What's Guild Games?

....If your school sports carnival used to be one of your fave days of the year, then boyyyy, do we have an event for you! Join us for an amazing array of school-carnival style races, Minute-To-Win-It style challenges (hint: check out YouTube), an inflatable bungee challenge, and much more! We're bringin' back team spirit with a healthy dose of inter-club rivalry - bring it on! Everyone gets ribbons for participating in each race, prizes for clubs with the biggest spectator/support crowd. Winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) get bragging rights & medallions.

Register a Club Team

Gather 6 team members from your club and register below NOW.


DON'T FORGET that if you compete in this event, your club can claim 5 points towards the 50 Year Club Mega Challenge. Winning a place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) gains even more points. Hint......here's the Facebook event so that you can get involved with the social media challenges for more points: https://www.facebook.com/events/728451160930862/

FB: 02/09/19 - Clubs Officer
Email:02/09/19 - Clubs Officer

Pasar Malam: Stallholder Opportunity

๐Ÿฎ We have some vendor opportunities for clubs at the annual Pasar Malam cultural night market on Friday 18th October from 5pm -10pm!
This FREE community event is a vibrant celebration of international food and culture. Coordinated by the Curtin Student Guild, Pasar Malam is a FREE family friendly event showcasing the following attractions:

  • 40+ food vendors

  • Family fun zone with FREE carnival rides

  • Selected craft & artisan stalls

  • FREE live on-stage entertainment all night

Last year the event attracted more than 12,000 patrons ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
๐Ÿฅจ๐ŸŽจFood and non-food (arts/crafts etc) stall applications are closing THIS Thursday (12th Sept) at 4pm so if your interested, apply here ASAP: https://www.guild.curtin.edu.au/Forms/pasarmalam2019

FB: 02/09/19 - Clubs Officer
Email:02/09/19 - Clubs Officer

$5 Club Vouchers - Expire SOON

Hey Yall!! This is a friendly reminder that the $5 Club Vouchers from the Guild diary expire this week.
Just because I haven't sent this reminder earlier (sorry I've been on holidays) we've decided to extend the expiry date. You can hand these in to Guild reception by no later than 4pm, 6th Sept and they will still be processed!!

FB: 29/08/19 - Student Experience Manager

Guild Ball: Candy Land

๐Ÿญ STOP THE PRESSES! Discounted club presale tables for this year's Guild Ball: Candyland are OUT NOW! ๐Ÿญ

We've just sent out an email with the full rundown, so if you like what you've read, be sure to lock down your table ASAP: https://www.trybooking.com/536436.

โš ๏ธ REMEMBER, this presale period is strictly for clubs only (because we love you)! General release does not open until next week, so let's make sure we keep this our little secret. Shhhhhh. ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคซ Club presale ends Sunday 25th August - don't miss out!

๐Ÿ† Last but not least: nominations for the 2019 Guild Club Awards are also live now! Get yourself in the running here: https://www.guild.curtin.edu.au/Forms/clubawards2019. (Nominations close 23rd Sept.)

FB: 19/08/19 - Student Experience Manager
Email: 19/08/19 - Club Support Team

2019 Guild Clubs Leaders Conference

28TH AUGUST, 9 โ€“ 5PM @ Curtin Campus
Fully Catered

Post-Conference Networking Sundowner*
28th AUGUST, 5:30PM โ€“ 7:30PM @  The Tav
Drink & Food provided
*only for those attending the conference

Please read on for an overview and see the THIS Guide for the FULL SCHEDULE.

Representatives from Guild-registered clubs and societies are invited to attend the inaugural Curtin Student Guild Club Leaders Conference. This exclusive & nationally acclaimed one-day training program has been developed specifically for club leaders, and is designed to equip you with valuable principles, strategies and mindsets in the following core outcomes:

  • collaborating with stakeholders

  • giving back to the community

  • developing valuable products and/or services for members

  • building & motivating a high-performing team

  • diversifying a portfolio of partnerships

  • increasing membership and event engagement

  • executing effective fundraising/volunteering/mentoring

  • crafting a personal brand and setting a leadership vision

This conference is open to both current and prospective future 2020 committee members, at the discretion of each clubโ€™s 2019 committee. If you wish to invite prospective future committee members and/or those who have expressed interest in running for a position next year, you are most welcome to do so!

Registrations are essential โ€“ Each attendee must register individually so you will need to pass on this invite to your 2020 perspective committee members that you wish to invite.

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE 21st AUG, Register here: https://www.guild.curtin.edu.au/Forms/clubleadersconference

Attending this conference will also earn you points towards the 50 YEAR CLUB MEGA CHALLENGE.

FB: 07/08/19 - Vice President - Activities
Email: 07/08/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting Agenda

Here's the agenda for the Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting THIS WEDNESDAY. Don't forget to register your attendance here: www.guild.curtin.edu.au/Forms/CS-committee-RSVP
Catering Provided๐Ÿฅช๐Ÿฅง

FB: 05/08/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
Email: 05/08/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

No More Guild Diaries

With Guild O-Day around the corner, weโ€™d like to advise you all that due to extremely high demand, we have run out of Guild diaries. We know, this is a major bummer!!

To explain why, the Guild only print a certain amount of diaries each year due to many factoring reasons, primarily budget (for the diary print AND the vouchers within them). In 2018 we printed the same amount of stock that we usually order year-to-year. It flew off the shelves in Sem 1 this year thanks to the biggest O-Day attendance in history โ€“ we didnโ€™t expect that! We also think engaging in club culture has become increasingly popular!! 

Do you have an O-Day stall? If so, please ensure that all of your O-Day stall volunteers are aware of this when discussing membership with new students at your stall. Guild booths handing out O-Day showbags and Guild sticker will not have any diaries in stock. 

Feedback following O-day is absolutely encouraged so please reach out to us and tell us how this affects engagement and sign-ups. We certainly have some ideas for next year, however, at this stage, we unfortunately cannot offer vouchers to students at O-day this week due to exhausting the budget and diaries. We love giving students and clubs free stuff to help drive membership and student engagement so weโ€™ll workshop a way to attempt to bring vouchers into the semester two O-day 2020.

Email: 29/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Guild O-Day Stall Tips

Guild O-Day is this Wednesday 31st July. If you have a stall, don't forget to take a look at our handy stall guide that provides tips on stall decorating, membership, giveaways & your club pitch to understand the dos and don'ts of Guild O-day.

FB: 29/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting #3

The next Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting will run on the 7th August.

Running twice per semester, this forum will provide clubs with an opportunity to make reports/recommendations to the Guild and discuss the management and administration of clubs. It will allow two-way, constructive and evaluative feedback between Clubs and the Guild. Clubs are provided with the opportunity to submit items for the agenda within this RSVP form. Agenda submissions close on the 1st August at 4pm. The agenda will then be circulated to all clubs shortly after. See here for copies of past meeting minutes. 

Who should attend? It is recommended that all clubs send at least one committee member to these meetings. 

Our upcoming C & S Committee meeting will run on:

DATE: Wednesday 7th August
TIME: 12:15pm โ€“ 1:45pm (common free time)
LOCATION: 410.428
RSVP and/or submit agenda items HERE.

Please note that binding motions cannot be passed within the C&S Committee meetings, however recommendations will be made to the Guild. .

FB: 25/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
Email: 26/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Level Two - 50 Year Club Mega Challenge

The 50 Year Clubs Mega Challenge LEVEL TWO is now open!!

Challenges and tasks are be released in two stages, with both Level One and Two tasks and challenges OPEN NOW (linked below)! To claim points on a task, you must lodge a points claim form (also linked below). All points can be backdated where applicable (must have occurred in 2019). The challenge is open to current Guild-registered clubs and societies only.


Donโ€™t forget that this challenge involves cash prizes and you still have time to get involved if you havenโ€™t already!! For more details, please read the below thread, check out the above task lists or look online HERE.

Our live leader board will be updated online each week. You can view the current leaderboard online HERE.

FB: 23/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
Email: 23/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

UniSounds Competition


We have a Live Music Competition with HUGE money-cant-buy experiences and development opportunities that we think you might be interested in, but be quick - it closes soon!

We want you to look at entering the UniSounds -National Campus Music Comp. This competition has helped launched careers for bands like The Vines, Eskimo Joe, Jebediah, Peking Duk......the list continues.

Prize packs are valued from up to $100,000 and they have now released a new category for Electronic Music Producers. Check out the prize list here to see how this could benefit you/or your band: https://unisounds.com.au/platform/info/prizes

To enter, you need to upload your music! Your music will be judged by a large experienced panel of judges and four finalists will be invited to compete at the final. There will also be ONE wildcard winner picked by the general public - yep, your friends can vote for you (so upload now so you can work on get those votes to increase your chances). ENTER HERE: https://unisounds.com.au/platform/user/register

Please share with your members ASAP because applications close on the 1st of August.


FB:3/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
Email: 3/07/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Club Conference Sneak Peak

Just under a month away until Guild Day (31st of July), I hope everyone is getting some ideas together about how to make your stall pop and get those memberships!

Don't forget that some Mega Challenge points are up for grabs for attending and that you can claim them after the day. 

Psst... Clubs Conference SNEAK PEAK:

Items on the schedule:

  • Leadership as Service

  • Value Propositions

  • Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Team Development

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal Branding

  • Contribution & Fundraising

  • Club Leader Networking Evening @ The Tav.

Don't forget to save the date for Wednesday the 28th of August. *During Tuition Free Week.

FB:1/07/19 - Guild Activities Vice President

Curtin Extra Deadlines 

SEM 1, 201
you wish to be recognised for hours during semester one this year, you'll need to complete THIS START FORM by 30th June.

SEM 2, 2018

If you already completed a start form in sem 2, 2018 you must complete all Curtin Extra requirements on Unihub by 30th June.

  • Tier 1: log minimum of 20 hours 

  • Tier 2: log minimum of 35 hours, complete 5 modules, complete reflection activity 


Students who are graduating at the end of Semester 1, 2019 must complete all Curtin Extra requirements on UniHub by 30 June

  • Tier 1: log minimum of 20 hours 

  • Tier 2: log minimum of 35 hours, complete 5 modules, complete reflection activity 

Any questions? Email the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au 

FB:17/06/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Guild Market Day - Club Stall Opportunity


Our next Guild Market Days is Wednesday August 14th (week 3) between 11am - 2pm. We are seeking clubs who would be interested in having a stall - this is great opportunity for member recruitment post O-Day, promoting events or selling merch.

Please email Carla, on experience@guild.curtin.edu.au with an outline of your idea.

(Kissing / Biting Booths are not recommended!)

FB:13/06/19 - Guild Student Experience Assistant

Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting Minutes

Thanks to those who attended our second Clubs and Societies Committee Meeting for the semester on the 23rd May. We encourage those who did not attend the meeting, to take a look at the minutes HERE.

Items of interest are:

  • Sponsorship Grant: Application Advice and feedback.

  • New Event Application Form: Replacing the EMP.

  • Clubs Working Group: AVP led discussion forum.

  • Club Storage: New storage space opening in semester two.

  • 50 Year Mega Challenge Recap

Our next C&S committee meeting will be held in the early weeks of semester two. Please keep an eye on our Curtin Club Reps Facebook page to vote for your preferred date/time in July once timetables have been released.

FB:10/06/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
Email: 13/06/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Guild Ball - Save the Date!

Something extra sweet for you all just before exams. The Guild Ball has set its date and will be on the 27th of September. Clubs of course will have a extra special chance to nab tickets first during our Club Reps special release period. Keep a lookout on our socials for more details in the coming months.

Don't forget to save that date for a sugary-sweet night out!

FB:6/06/19 - Guild Activities Vice President

Guild O-Day Stall Applications are NOW OPEN!

Wednesday 31st July marks O-Day Sem 2, one of the Curtin Student Guildโ€™s biggest events of the year. Running from 11am - 2:30pm in the midst of Week One (Semester Two), O-Day #2 sees 8,000 new and returning students fill the main Curtin promenade for a great day of giveaways, activities, and general fun.  

Before you apply, arrange to meet with your committee to discuss and confirm how you want to run your stall. For tips on how to run your stall and to make it appealing, check out our tips HERE.

Applications close on Friday 28th June - strictly NO late applications will be accepted.

When youโ€™re ready, apply HERE

Email: 7/06/19 - Clubs Officer
FB: 4/06/19 - Clubs Officer

Curtin Extra Recognition for Clubs

Did you know that your time spent working on your club committee can be recognised on your Curtin Extra Certificate at graduation? 

Curtin Extra is Curtinโ€™s official form of recognition for participation in co-curricular programs. It helps you show evidence of your work and skills development to employers, scholarship panels and for other applications. Curtin Extra gets students to combine practical work with modules to gain skills and recognition. 

Guild Club Committee Members contribute to student community building through the service, collaboration involved in their club role. Clubs and societies are run by students, for students and we want to ensure there is an opportunity for you to have this recognised.

Part of your unique Curtin Extra experience is the ability to determine your level of participation. The levels are outlined as follows:

  • Tier One - a minimum of 20 hours participation in an approved program. Simply log your hours online HERE.

  • Tier Two - a minimum 35 hours participation in an approved program, five skills development modules plus a reflection activity. Log your hours and complete the modules in your own time HERE.

Start logging your hours now!!

You will have until the 30th June to complete the program for semester one.
If you have any questions along the way, contact the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au or 9266 2927

Email: 22/05/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

50 Year Club Mega Challenge

To celebrate the Curtin Student Guild's 50th birthday this year, we are excited to present the amazing 50 Year Club Mega Challenge - a "once-in-50-years" exclusive extravaganza for Guild-affiliated student clubs and societies!

Over 120 clubs will have the opportunity to undertake a series of special tasks and mini-challenges across the next six months in order to earn points, with the challenge running from the 15th April - 20th September, 2019.

The four clubs with the most points at the end of the challenge will win the following HUGE cash prizes to spend on their club:

  • 1st Place - $1000

  • 2nd Place - $750

  • 3rd Place - $500

  • 4th Place - $100

Challenges and tasks will be released in three stages, with Level One tasks and challenges OPEN NOW! Clubs, you can check out the Level One points overview HERE. To apply for points, simply lodge a points claim form HERE

Our live leader board will be updated weekly, and will be viewable online HERE.


C&S Committee Meeting: 11/04/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
FB:15/04/19 - Guild Clubs Officer
Email: 18/04/19 - Guild Clubs Officer

Guild Ball 2019

Tickets on sale Monday 26 August!