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Visit this page to keep updated with all club communications that have previously been circulated via email and/or our Club Reps Facebook Page (don't forget to join).

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• COVID-19 Club Communications 
• 2020 Club Mega Challenge (July 23)

• Guild O-Day Virtual Stall Tips (July 22)
• Clubs and Societies Commitee Meeting Minutes (July 9)
• Club Vouchers - How to Submit (Apr 1)
• Online Workshops, Apps & Engagement Tools (Apr 1)
• Notice from Clubs Officer (Apr 1)
• Clubs in the Digital Space (Mar 26)
• Guild Promotional Opportunities (Dec 20)
• Club Membership Tips
• UseGet - Warnings & What to do next (Sep 13)
• UseGet - Breach (Sep 10)

Guild O-Day Virtual Stalls

You can find the meeting minutes from last week’s Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting HERE.

The next meeting will run in August, on a date to be confirmed. 

Guild O-Day Virtual Stallholder Application

Applications for club / internal virtual stalls are open
Deadline Wednesday 22 July 2020. NOW CLOSED
Confirmations and O-Day Virtual Stallholder Guides will be sent out from Monday 27 July 2020.



This channel lets you communicate with visitors to your club’s channel via message in the online discord forum. You can share links, files, run giveaway competitions, and react to text with emoji’s. You can also prepare and pre-upload documents, static images or any other info about your club before O-day on the trial day (29th July). We recommend writing a bio with information about your club, how to join & the benefits of becoming a member and how they can stay in touch with you after O-Day (links to social media etc.). This can be pinned on the channel. On the day of the event, the committee members running this channel can interact via text with visitors as they come through. Other ideas:

  • Post some photos or videos from previous events
  • Post details or links to upcoming event invitations
  • Talk about any awards or nominations your club has received
  • Provide information about available committee positions and what’s involved
  • Link to Expression of Interest form for those interested in joining you club. You can then arrange at a later date to meet them to get their club voucher or take payment if you do not have an online payment form setup. EOI’s are encouraged.
  • Link to social media accounts or your listing on the Guild website – We would recommend pinning these deets and just reinforcing it via messages in the channel throughout the day.
  • AGM plans
  • Giveaways
  • Have some answers ready to go for your most commonly asked questions:
    • How to get involved with the committee
    • How can I sign up using my Guild $5 club voucher
    • Where can I get my Guild $5 club voucher (Guild reception, building 106F)
    • What are the benefits of joining this club 

This is totally optional and not needed for you to have a presence at the event. We suggest that the text channel focuses on the basics (as outlined above) and clubs can do something more social in the Voice Channel (VC) should you wish to be more involved. The VC may feature something that would usually take place in your club, i.e. you could show and tell a project you’ve worked on. Other Ideas. 

  • Icebreaker games
  • Live demonstrations
  • Quiz games

  1. THIS WEEK: you are encouraged to visit Discord and create yourself a personal account like you would when you start a personal Instagram account so that you can be ready for our trial day.
  2. BEFORE TRIAL DAY (29th July): Prepare some information to upload to your channel.
  3. BEFORE O-DAY (5th AUG): Have all content ready and on hand.

2020 Club Mega Challenge 

We are excited to have the amazing Club Mega Challenge return for 2020 - an exclusive extravaganza to celebrate Guild-affiliated student clubs and societies by completing a series of special tasks and mini challenges! Find out how to participate and start claiming points HERE.

💰Cash prizes up for grabs.


HINT: There are a couple of social media challenges that require you to get planning and ready to action on the first day of O-Week (Monday 27th July).


It's OK because level one will stay open until the end of the challenge. Submit your point claim form any time to get your club's name on the ladder.

Clubs and Societies Committee Meeting 

Please find the Meeting Minutes for the Clubs & Societies Committee Meeting's HERE. The next meeting will be held in August at a date to be confirmed.

Club Vouchers - How to Submit 

Due to the office closure, Club Vouchers can now submitted by mail OR in-person on campus at Guild reception (building 106F) during opening hours (9am - 4pm, Mon-Fri). More details on how and where to submit, see HERE

Free Online Workshops, Apps & Engagement Tools 

Here you'll find a shared Trello board full of free workshops, training, tools and apps for online engagement. Please feel free to add programs to this board that work for you and add comments on the cards to share your experiences you've had using these programs. This has also been added to the Guild website HERE.

Posted 6/4/2020

Notice from the Clubs Officer 

Whilst i'm currently unavailable to take office drop-ins, I'd like to mimic that and become available for "virtual drop-ins". Please feel free to chat over instant message on Skype while we're all working and studying from home. I'm still available via email on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au & phone (9266 2927) as usual so do not feel inclined to use Skype. 

I'll update my Skype status regularly to show if I am available for drop-ins. Add me HERE.

Posted 1/4/2020

UPDATE: We're back in the office working full-time, however still available on email, skype and phone.

Clubs in the Digital Space 

In light of restrictions for events and any social interactions, we are adapting to a more digital focused approach for engaging with students and providing value. This is a particularly important time to engage with your members and encourage connection. We’d like to work with you to promote your current initiatives OR see where we can assist you with member engagement. We hope this time serves as a great opportunity to get creative and learn new skills from these challenges as we adapt to a new format. 

Below are a few offerings we have at this time, however, rest assured knowing that we are working on providing many more resources to assist with adapting to this digital only approach to member engagement for the foreseeable future. If you have any requests, please let us know via return email or on our Club Reps Facebook page – we’d like to create an ongoing discussion forum to share resources, tips and ideas between clubs and the Guild.

Posted 26/03/2020

Guild Promotional Opportunities 

Please tag @curtinguild for a feature on any IG posts or stories to be featured.

2020 Club Membership Drive
Make a post answering the following questions (if possible):

  • Name of your club? 

  • What's the best thing about your Guild club? 

  • How has being part of a Guild club enhanced your Uni experience? 

  • What would you say to students that have never joined a club before? 

  • What are some of the digital initiatives you are running during this time?

Tips for this post:
Make a video so you can answer more questions without flooding your caption with loads of text. Details on how to create and edit your video & links to free software can be found HERE under “Film & Editing Workshop”.
General posts or IG stories are also welcome. 
Please tag @curtinguild in every post, story slide AND within the picture and video itself so that we have sharing capabilities. 

Please notify the Guild of any digital events or initiatives that require the following:

  • Some form of attendance/digital check in

  • Promotional support 

  • Collaboration – The Guild Events team and Digital Engagement team may be able to provided assistance.

If you have an event/digital initiative planned OR would like to put forward an idea and would like assistance/advice or to collaborate, please complete the Clubs Online Proposal HERE. This form now replaces the Event Application Form & the Digital Promotion Application form.

Any club committee member can self-add an event to your club's listing on the Guild website at any time. Your event will show on your club page AND on the Guild events page where we list all Guild related events and activities. If you are a club committee member and would like to add an event, you will need to have admin access to your club listing on the Guild website before you are able to do so. Please email us to request admin access and we will provide further instructions on how to add your event - its super easy and quick!! If you already have admin access and can't remember the process, contact us via return email or check out the website functionality guide (basically, login to the Guild website, search for your club and click administration).


Club Membership

We hope you’re making the best of this time and we’d like to support you as much as possible in order to stay active and keep your club alive until your next AGM. 


Do you have an online sign-up option? 

  • NO - Free Membership. We can set up a signup form on the Guild website for you. Get in touch. 

  • NO - Paid Membership. We’ll recommend some sites for you to use soon, stay tuned or get in touch if you recommend a great one.

  • YES -  Is it linked to your club listing on the Guild website?

  • NO - We can do this for you, get in touch.


Due to the change in circumstances, perhaps consider making your membership free going forward? Discuss this with your committee to see if it is feasible.


  • Let your members know you’re still active.

  • Ask them what they’d be interested in seeing from your during this time

  • Get them involved

  • Create an online discussion forum

  • Hold regular clubs meetings via video conferencing. We’ll provide some links to some great apps ASAP, stay tuned. 

Stay tuned for more updates and resources!

COVID-19 - Club Communications 

Notification 1, 12/03/2020 - Addressing club BBQ's
Notification 2, 13/03/2020 - Addressing large gatherings & cancellation of Clubs Carnival

Notification 3, 17/03/2020 - Addressing the cancellation of all events, meetings and face-to-face gathering of any kind.
Notification 4, 8/06/2020 - Outlining changes to club grants and funding for the remainder of 2020, in response to the Guild's changed financial position as a result of COVID-19. A breif update with regards to activities and events both on and off campus is also included
Notification 5, 24/07/2020 - Outlining updates to events, room bookings, BBQs and function packs reopening for semester two.

UseGET - Warnings & What to do Next  

Following on from our email earlier this week (see below thread), we have been in touch with Curtin’s Privacy team and the Cyber Security Operations team to discuss potential issues involving clubs and societies using useGET and a data breach. We ask that clubs respond quickly and take the appropriate action, such as:

  • Immediately cease using GET. Perhaps consider using a new ticketing program for event ticket sales.

  • Contact your members AND those who attended your events after purchasing tickets via this system immediately.

    • Notify them of this data breach to advise them about some sensitive information that exposed some of your member data (including but not limited to phone numbers, date of birth, names, emails, student numbers, and other sensitive financial information), that may also contain data from your club/society. If you have not used UseGet (formerly QNect) in the last 16 months, then this may not apply to you, but your data may still be present in the leak.If any of your member's data is present, pro-actively reach out to them to alert them to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity

  • Reach out to UseGet (https://useget.com) to get a full list of any leaks that they may be aware of (particularly any financial information)

  • Avoid clicking on any links from sources you do not recognise. For example, if any links are sent purporting to come from QPay, check that the domain name is from quicklypay.it and signed (usually identified by a green lock box on most browsers) OR hover your mouse over the name of the link without clicking it to view the full URL. Please note they should never ask for any passwords or financial information.

Please note that we do not know the extent of the data breach and we are unaware of what personal information has been exposed (contact numbers, credit card details etc) however it’s is best to be as transparent as possible with your members at this time and advise them regardless.

Email: 13/09/19 - Clubs Officer

UseGet Data Breach 

As per an article on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/unsw/comments/d0qzro/massive_50k_australian_student_data_breach/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

It would appear that a third party that allows student clubs to manage themselves has not been protecting their data correctly. 

Initial reports are showing University of Sydney is particularly impacted. Unfortunately there is no way for Curtin as an external agency to determine if any Curtin students are impacted. 

The Cyber Security Operations team is asking student clubs who might have used this service to get in touch to determine if there are any measures that need to be taken around this breach. Please advise via return email?

Email: 10/09/19 - Clubs Officer


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