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Curtin Extra Recognition for Clubs

Did you know that your time spent working on your club committee can be recognised on your Curtin Extra Certificate at graduation? 

Curtin Extra is Curtin’s official form of recognition for students who have made significant contributions to co-curricular programs. Participation in these programs is aimed to enhance your personal and professional development, and to provide unique and enriching experiences while studying at Curtin. Available throughout your degree, you can participate in more than one Curtin Extra approved program, taking into account your course load and other commitments.

Guild Club Committee Members contribute to student community building through the service, collaboration involved in their club role. Clubs and societies are run by students, for students and we want to ensure there is an opportunity for you to have this recognised.


Part of your unique Curtin Extra experience is the ability to determine your level of participation. The levels are outlined as follows:

  • Tier One - a minimum of 20 hours participation in an approved program. Simply log your hours spent working on club activities.

  • Tier Two - a minimum 35 hours participation in an approved program, five skills development modules plus a reflection activity. Log your hours spent working on club activities and complete the modules in your own time .

Start logging your hours now!!


Students may log hours from 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2020, and complete their Curtin Extra requirements (eg. modules & reflection) through UniHub.


Curtin Extra Certificates are issued under the authority of the Academic Registrar and printed on official paper. Certificates will be posted to all eligible graduates in line with the Graduation Office’s mailout dates. Please ensure your preferred mailing address is correct in eStudent.  

You can purchase an official Curtin Extra Certificate prior to graduation. Simply login to OASIS and click on the ‘Order Official Documents’ tab on the Welcome page. An electronic version is not available, however you can print a Curtin Extra eRecord on OASIS through the  ‘Campus Life & Guild’ tab.



1.    Complete the Start Form HERE
2.    Log Hours for the participation period 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2020
3.    If striving for Tier 2, complete the required modules & reflection activity by 30 November 2020 

Please note: you may qualify for Curtin Extra recognition under the exceptional circumstances clause this year, which means if they can at least have 16hrs approved, they will achieve tier 1 recognition. Student deadline is 30 November 2020. 



Check out THIS WEBSITE for more details on other Curtin Extra approved programs that you might want to look into.

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