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Guild Elections 2019

Are you a bit confused about elections? Let us help you out.  

Guild Elections run annually and nominated candidates are elected to positions within the Guild. These positions are representatives for YOU, that's why it's so important that you get on-board and vote! We've prepared this short guide for you to give you a general idea of what happens during one of the busiest times of the year! 

What does the Guild do?

The Guild represents all students at Curtin University. Through ownership of the campus food outlets and catering, the Tavern, G-Mart, vending machines, and the funds from SSAF, the Guild has been able to develop a stable funding base to support representation. Find out more here. 

Who are the candidates? 

We're glad you asked!
 Some people will be "Elected Unopposed" - this means that they were the only one to nominate for the position, so have been elected by default. 

Are the candidates in "parties" like state and federal elections?

Some candidates are in parties, which you will see listed next to their name in the Candidate Nominations document.
Other candidates choose to elect as an "Independent" meaning they are not a member of a party.

How do I find out about the candidates and what their election promises are? 

It's very important you know what exactly you're voting for. Each candidate can choose to make a statement which can be read in "The Candidate". If their section is left blank, this means the candidate has chosen not to provide a statement or missed the deadline. Often parties and independents run Facebook pages or websites that detail more on their policies. You can search them up if you'd like to find out more information. 

How do I ask the candidates questions? 

So you want to know more? It is up to the candidate to provide contact details for further questions if they wish to do so. During elections, candidates often campaign near polling booths and on the Guild promenade however this is at the discretion of the candidate - it is not required. Most will be happy to chat to you about their policy and promises. 

So... how do I vote?

Voting occurs at polling booths on Bentley campus. This year there will be two separate booths for your convenience. Polls open Monday 16th September at 10am and close on 19th September at 4pm. 


10am - 4pm

Atkinson Forum & Curtin South


10am - 4pm

Atkinson Forum & Curtin South


10am - 4pm

Atkinson Forum & Curtin South


10am - 4pm

Atkinson Forum & Curtin South

Atkinson Forum is located near the Koi Pond, and Curtin South is right near Vege Patch Cafe! 

What do I need to bring? 

We need to prove you're a student and you are who you say you are, so don't forget your Student ID!!

I'm not on campus and still want to have my say!  

The Guild represents ALL students including online, part-time students or those who can't be on Bentley campus for other reasons. This also includes those at the city campus and Kalgoorlie. You can request a postal vote by filling out this form, but make sure you send it in with plenty of time! The deadline for applications is 12noon Tuesday 10th September - mark it in your diaries. 

Is voting compulsory? 

Nope, it's not but we highly recommend you do! This is your opportunity to have your say on who will represent you, the students, at a university level and beyond.

When do we find out the results?

Counting will commence at 6pm Thursday 19th September. The results will be advised by 4pm on Thursday 3rd October.

I have a complaint. Who do I speak to?

While we hope the elections are trouble-free, you may want to wish to make a complaint about a candidate, campaigner or the conduct of the election. Depending on the complaint you may wish to speak to the Returning Officer Mr Peter Zaikos by calling 0459 919 900 or emailing ro.curtin@bigpond.com, or Curtin University Student Discipline and Appeals Office - sdao@curtin.edu.au. Complaints need to be made in writing and include as much info as possible to help the investigation of the complaint. Make sure you include things such as dates, times, description of events, what has been done so far and any supporting documentation as well as names/contact details of witnesses.

I feel unsafe during elections, witnessed an incident and/or am worried someone is behaving inappropriately. 

Antisocial behaviour of any kind is NOT tolerated at Curtin University. If you feel unsafe for any reason, please contact the Curtin Safer Community Team (previously called Security) on 9266 4444 or 4444 from an internal phone. The Safer Community Team offer a range of services and systems to keep our campuses safe and friendly. The team are trained to manage general safety and security issues, in addition to complex crisis issues such as physical and sexual assault. In an emergency, contact 000. 

I want more information!  

No worries! The official election documents can be found here or you are able to make an appointment to speak with the Returning Officer Mr Peter Zaikos by calling 0459 919 900 or emailing ro.curtin@bigpond.com,.

I'm a Student at Curtin College. Can I vote?

No, only enrolled students of Curtin University who are enrolled at the census date for semester two can vote.




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