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Club Event Applications: Curtin-Controlled Venues & Spaces

On-campus venue bookings can now commence for Semester Two. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of acting responsibly to protect all those on campus, and as directed by the Vice-Chancellor’s return to campus plan, please keep up-to-date with the Guild's COVID-19 club communications HERE

Both on and off-campus club gatherings and activities that comply with government guidelines and advice are also now permitted, provided that clubs follow all relevant government advice, as per the THIS LINK.

An event application form is mandatory for ALL events and activities your club intends to run, both on and off-campus. It is also the only way to book venues on campus for FREE (one of the most popular perks of being a Guild-affiliated club)! 

The booking forms outlined on this page apply to club events & bookings taking place in/at/on Curtin-controlled venues. Curtin-controlled venues include all indoor and outdoor spaces on campus, except Guild spaces. This includes:

  • tutorial rooms
  • lecture theatres
  • courtyards
  • outdoor areas
  • labs,
  • tudios
  • Curtin Stadium grounds and facilities,
  • and much more.

Guild-controlled venues such as Club HQ, The Tav or the Guild Precinct (106) can be booked HERE, and club BBQs can be booked HERE. Off campus events should be lodged HERE.

Simply check the table below to figure out which category your event falls under, then click the link at the bottom to lodge your application. If you're not sure which category to choose, or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Clubs Officer - call 9266 2927 or email clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au



          CATEGORY 1



Applies if your event meets ALL of the below criteria: Applies if your event meets ANY of the below criteria but no Cat-3 criteria: Applies if your event meets ANY of the below criteria:
   Less than 100 attendees    Less than 100 attendees 500+ attendees
   No alcohol OR 
Alcohol only consumed in licensed premises   
Alcohol provided by licensed caterer (Kirribilli)    Alcohol outside of licensed premises & 
not provided by licensed caterer (includes occasional liquor license, BYO)    
   No food OR one of following applies:
Non-perishable packaged snacks*; Curtin caterer**; Guild BBQ; food business on file w/Curtin***   
   Food provided by a restaurant or caterer not on file with Curtin; or food prepared and/or cooked by the club (e.g. bake sale, non-Guild BBQ)       Food cooked & prepared on campus that does not fall within Cat-1 or 2 options    
   No activities, games or sports of a physical nature       Activities, sports and/or games of a moderate physical nature        Activities, sports or games of a potentially dangerous or intensely physical nature   
   No electrical or AV equipment
(except in-venue equipment or wireless battery-operated music devices)   
   Basic amplified music (up to 82dB) or simple AV equipment
   Extensive AV production, staging, and/or expected noise levels of 82dB or higher   
   Indoors       Outdoor location (excluding Guild Precinct)       Flights and/or travelling more than two hours from campus    
   Does not include any feature listed at Cat 2 or 3       Installation/use of infrastructure or special equipment       Overnight stays (including camps & retreats)   
   Minimal degree of risk        Event expenditure exceeds $500       Fire, fireworks, pyrotechnics, or hazardous chemicals   
   Requires only basic planning       External speakers presenting on religious or political topics        Amusement rides or similar structures on campus   

Minimum notice: 2.5 weeks

External contractors accessing and/or working on campus High profile visitors (public figures, federal politicians, dignitaries, etc.)

Minimum notice: 4 weeks

Minimum notice: 8 weeks 


Please note that you'll need to log into your account in order to lodge an event application form. If you do not yet have a user account on the site, please go ahead and create one!

*Packaged snacks, in this context, are defined as follows: non-perishable, individually packaged commercially-purchased snack food (e.g. lollies, whole fresh fruit, packet chips, packet biscuits, muesli bars, etc.).Hot/cold food is not permitted, nor any food involving preparation by your club prior to serving (i.e. slicing, heating, baking, cooking, cooling, mixing, etc). Any food your club intends to "self-cater" outside of these parameters requires you to lodge a Category-2 form instead, and will require you to obtain a Temporary Food Business permit from the Town of Victoria Park.
** Curtin caterers are internal Curtin-based catering businesses (i.e. Kirribilli Catering)
*** External pre-approved food businesses on file with Curtin are currently Domino's Karawara & Subway Karawara


Full guidelines for club events are outlined in the Guild Clubs Charter (section 7).  We encourage you to familiarise yourself with these requirements prior to getting started on your planning!

2020 Street Party

Kicking off at 2pm we’ll have some chill live music, food trucks on the lawn and bevs at The Tav for a nice mellow vibe.

After 5pm we open up the big stage and get the music pumping all the way to midnight for a night you won’t forget!