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The Guild Council is made up of Councillors, Faculty Representatives and the Guild Executive body. Their job is to get the best outcome for students and all issues that impact them.

Guild representatives sit on University boards, panels, committees, groups and working parties to ensure that your voice is heard. They also work closely with Guild staff to develop and deliver essential student services.

2020 Guild Council Executive


Don't be a stranger. Please get in touch with your representatives. They're here to assist you.


Yes, hello Hana!

Hana's your 51st Guild President and she's dedicated to making campus a better place for everyone!

Hana Arai | President
Pronouns: She/Her
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Guess who? It's Bridge!

Bridge is your Activities Vice-President. They ensure that campus is a vibrant, fun and social place to be by organising events, activities and managing clubs and societies!

Bridge Truell | Vice President - Activities
Pronouns: They/Them or He/Him
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Oh hey, Chris

Education Vice-President-ing is a tough job.
Chris makes sure all of the university’s academic policies and procedures are in the best interests of the students.

Chris Hall | Vice President - Education
Pronouns: He/Him
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Say g'day to Lachy

As Secretary, Lachy is in charge of updating Guild rules and regulations, Guild policy and a whole lot of other really important stuff!

Lachy Lee | Secretary
Pronouns: He/Him
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Hello, Jesse!

The Chair of the Representation Board not only makes sure meetings run smoothly and effectively, but they also sit on the Executive Committee and advise on issues around representation and advocacy.

Jesse Naylor Zambrano | Chair of Representation Board
Pronouns: She/Her
Learn more about Jesse Naylor Zambrano

2020 Guild Councillors

Chris Grant
Min Dee Chia
Fatma Sehic
Jason Kim
Jesse Naylor Zambrano
Luke Brosnan

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Meet your Faculty Representatives
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