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Faculty Representatives

Faculty Representatives are here to get the best outcome for students.

Every year, one student from each Faculty is elected to represent you on university committees, respond to student questions and concerns, run campaigns regarding issues and initiatives relevant to your faculty.

The Fac Rep team are always happy to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact your representative if you need support and information.

2020 Guild Faculty Representatives


Business and Law

Here to represent all Business and Law students!

Jesse Naylor Zambrano | Faculty of Business and Law Rep
Pronouns: She/Her
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Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering? You've come to the right place!

Fatma Sehic | Faculty of Science and Engineering Rep
Pronouns: She/Her
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Health Sciences

Health Sciences students, we've got you back!

Jeru Sundar | Faculty of Health Sciences Rep
Pronouns: She/Her
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Humanities students, you're in safe hands!

Connie Martelli | Faculty of Humanities Rep
Pronouns: She/Her
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2020 Street Party

Kicking off at 2pm we’ll have some chill live music, food trucks on the lawn and bevs at The Tav for a nice mellow vibe.

After 5pm we open up the big stage and get the music pumping all the way to midnight for a night you won’t forget!