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G Mart Printing Services

Printing accounts can only be used with the G Mart printing services.
Please read our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page, and on your response/registration email.

Use the links below to start printing:

Existing Users
G Mart Print Portal

New Users
Step 1: 
New User Account Registration
Click the link above to create a new user account for our printing services. The link will generate a set up email for you. Just click send.

Not showing up? Send a blank email to cusgprint@guild.curtin.edu.au - We will do the rest.
You will receive a response email with your new password. Your email address will be your username.

Step 2: Register any multi card you have by placing your card in the card tray at a Konica Minolta Printer (We recommend Smart Rider cards).
Make sure the card is in the tray before registering it.
Use your email address as your username and use the password that was sent to you.

Step 3:  Change Password
Click the link above to change password. We recommend first time users to change password as soon as possible.
Existing users can change their password here as well.

Step 4:  G Mart Print Portal
Click the link above to add funds to your pre-paid printing account. You can also upload jobs from here.

G Mart Books - 2 Printing Units
8am to 3pm (during Semester) 

G Mart - 1 Printing Unit

8am to 4pm (during Semester)

Where are we:
Building 106G near Concept Café

Got a question? Get in touch! 
General Enquiries:  (08) 9266 2909
G Mart Books:  (08) 9266 2909
G Mart: (08) 9266 2828
Email: g-mart@guild.curtin.edu.au

Curtin Student Guild G-Mart Printing Services - Terms and conditions

  1. Using our services means that you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.
  2. Registered users are able to print at the Curtin Student Guild  G Mart and G Mart Books.
  3. The credit on your account is only for the printers at the Curtin Student Guild  G Mart and G Mart Books.
  4. Using the G Mart printing service requires an active user account.
  5. Your G Mart printing user account can be linked to multi cards.
  6. The user account is independent to the multi card.
  7. We do not take responsibility for any linked multi card.
  8. Lost or damaged card: Users can register any other multi card that work with our printers.
  9. G Mart printers can be used with most multi cards. We recommend Smart Rider cards.
  10. We recommend users that are printing large quantities to print one or two pages before printing large print counts.
  11. There will be no refunds for mistakes or test prints.
  12. There is no refunds on any existing credit on a user account.
  13. Users cannot reclaim unused/current credit as cash, card or any other payments.
  14. Expiry: G Mart Printing accounts dormant after a period of 18 months will become invalid and all unused credit will be forfeited; to be used at the Curtin Student Guild discretion.
  15. The G Mart will be entitled to transfer any remaining balance to the G Mart operating account to offset costs incurred to operate the G Mart printing system.
  16. Users are responsible for reading and understanding all terms and conditions relating to the G Mart printing services.  
  17. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.