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Stop The Trimonster

UPDATE 19/9/2018 

The Academic Board will decide whether to approve changes to the academic calendar on Friday, 28 September. After that there is no turning back. We need to take action together to defeat this. 

Click here to send an email to our Guild President who will forward it to the Academic Board on your behalf. Feel free to edit the email to reflect your feelings in your own words!   



The proposed changes include:

  • Losing one tuition free week in semester one AND two
  • Two weeks of exams per semester
  • Shortened break of only one week between the end of semester two and the summer school
  • Summer school with eight teaching weeks

Here's what your next steps should be. 

  1. If you have not signed our petition, please sign it. We need 10,000 signatures by next Friday. https://www.megaphone.org.au/petitions/stop-the-curtin-trimonster
  2. Email the members of the Academic Board. Tell them that you are opposed to changes to the Academic Calendar and why. Request they vote NO to the proposal. Click here to send an email to our Guild President who will forward it to the Academic Board on your behalf. Feel free to edit the email to reflect your feelings in your own words!    
  3. Attend the rally before the Academic Board at 9:30am on Friday, 28 September outside Building 100. We have shown we have strength in numbers online and by email, now we need to show it in person. We’ll even put on a free breakfast barbecue. 

Curtin's plans for a Trimester System. 


The Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry has acknowledged that the 12-12-12 academic calendar changes proposed in July have significant issues and she has written to the Guild confirming that the University is seeking alternative options.

The University is now consulting with students about a  12-12-9 model.

The main features of the University's  12-12-9 option are

  • Study Week before each exam period
  • Five week mid-year break
  • Exam weeks are only one week
  • Two tuition free weeks in semester 1 BUT only one in semester 2 and over summer 

The changes to the academic calendar will not come in effect before 2021.

A longer consultation period means the Academic Board will not be considering changes to the academic calendar until September 2018.

Click here to download the University's 12-12-9 option for the academic calendar

You can send your feedback to the University about the 12-12-9 alternative by emailing calendar@curtin.edu.au
Still have questions? Send an email through to hello@guild.curtin.edu.au


It is important to remember that the 12-12-12 option is still being considered by the University

The Guild’s concerns about the  12-12-12- option are unchanged. Students will

  • lose a tuition-free week each semester

  • the study week before exams.

  • have  another semester of study during the summer period which the University says will not be compulsory when these changes are first introduced. However, once these changes are implemented it will be very easy for the University to start converting courses to a compulsory trimester model. A trimester model would allow the University to collect fees from students three times a year instead of two.

Click here to download the Fact Sheet


Oppose the 12-12-12 model by signing the petition to eliminate this proposal from consideration by the Academic Board.

Click here to sign the petition.


The Guild will continue to work to get the best outcome for students.

We understand from student feedback that the University’s 12-12-9 option is acceptable if it reinstates the second tuition free week in Semester 2.

Reinstatement of the second tuition free week in semester two means the current academic calendar is virtually unchanged aside from the introduction of a 9 week summer school.

The Chair of the Academic Board, the decision making body that approves changes to the academic calendar, has guaranteed that the summer school will not become compulsory.

The Guild  is also recommending 

  • Capping the maximum length of exams at two hours times and an additional cap of no more than 3 exams in any 48 period.

  • Streamlining the end of semester marking processes to ensure that students are not delayed in enrolling in semester two due to a reduced gap between study periods.

  • Revising appeals and termination procedures to ensure students are not delayed in receiving the outcome of their academic appeals until the middle of semester two.

  • The University to provide a detailed funding plan to ensure that both wellbeing support and student experience services are adequately resourced to manage the additional student load over the summer period.

Click here to download Curtin Student Guild's alternative proposal for the academic calendar