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Academic Status

Your academic status tells you how you are progressing in your course at the end of each study period (semester). This is based on your overall academic performance at Curtin University.

Conditional Status 

Criteria for determining Conditional Status:

  • Failed 50% or more of enrolled units (for example, enrolled in 4 units and failed 2)

  • Semester weighted average of less than 50

  • ​Students MAY  be placed on conditional status at the discretion of the Board of Examiners if they failed a core unit in the study period that has just ended. Their status of Conditional may be continued in subsequent study periods until the failed core unit is passed.

Your Options

Students are permitted to continue with their course, with possible conditions. You may be required to meet with your course coordinator, perhaps develop a plan of action, or utilise the Return to Good Standing Plan. This may help you identify the issues that have been affecting your studies. You should also be informed of the support services available to you at Curtin.

Here is a bit more information on Conditional Status and some of the support available.

Students can be returned to Good Standing should they meet the following criteria:

  • Pass any previously failed core units
  • Meet all the conditions that may have been set by the school
  • No longer fit the criteria for Conditional or Terminated status

Terminated Status

Criteria for determining Terminated Status:

A student may be terminated if they have completed two or more study periods, they are currently on Conditional status, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Completed two or more study periods
  • Currently on Conditional status

and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Fail 50% or more of enrolled units (for example, enrolled in 4 units and failed 2)
  • Semester weighted average of less than 50
  • Fail any unit a second time

Your Options

Students will be notified of the termination through the OASIS Official Communications Channel (OCC), not your student email.

Option 1 : Appeal against the termination and remain in your current course. This is known as a Request for Review. Refer to the process below. 

Option 2 : Accept the termination and stop studying. Perhaps now is not the time in life to study, maybe taking a break, doing something else is what is needed for now. Accepting the termination means being unable to enrol into your course for a period of 12 months. There is the opportunity to apply for a readmission after 12 months. Get in touch with Curtin Connect for re-admission process.

Option 3 : Switch to a different course. Maybe the reason for not doing so well is that this course is just not your thing and exploring a different path might just be for you. Get in touch with Curtin Admissions Office for course switching process.

Information For International Students 

If you are an international student choosing to switch courses, there might be serious implications for your visa. It is recommend that international students put in a Request for Review application. For International students who have been terminated, there are consequences for your visa. If your Request for Review is unsuccessful, you will be reported to Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection which may lead to cancellation of your student visa. If your student visa is cancelled, you will have to go back to your home country and risk exclusion of returning to Australia for 3 years.

Request for Review Process

All students are encouraged to lodge a Request for Review (also known as an appeal) explaining how your circumstances affected your studies for the study period. Students will only be allowed to continue with their course if their Request for Review is successful.

IMPORTANT: All students are considered enrolled students until the final outcome of the Request for Review process. Students are still able to enrol in units for the next study period and attend classes until a final outcome is reached.

If you wish to continue with your course, you will need to submit your Request for Review in writing (including documents to support your claim if available) to the Examinations Office within 20 working days of being notified of your Terminated Status. 

How to complete a request for review application 

Your application should consist of:

  • Request for Review application form

  • Personal Statement

  • Supporting documents (if available)

You will need to complete a Request for Review of Decision Form by filling in ALL the required sections.

Personal Statement

You are encouraged to attach a letter explaining the circumstances that led to your poor performance.

In your explanation, it is important to show that your performance was affected by circumstances outside your control. These include any medical conditions or injuries, any family illnesses, or unexpected work commitments.

The next part of your letter should highlight how things have changed and show what steps you’ve taken to improve your ability to study in the future. Remember, the purpose of this letter is to convince the university to readmit you to your course – don’t hesitate to explain how passionate you are about your studies.

Sample letter can be found in the booklet below.

Supporting Documents (if available)

It is necessary to attach documents that support your explanation. These can include medical certificates, a letter from your counsellor, or a letter from your employer.

The Student Assist team are available to discuss your circumstances and to review your letter before submission.

Once you have submitted your Request for Review form and attached documentation to the Examinations office, your appeal is reviewed by your Head of School. If it is successful, you will be returned to Conditional status and allowed to continue in your course. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you have the option to make a second appeal, which will go to the Student Progress Appeals Committee.

Appeals can sometimes take a few weeks to be resolved. While you are waiting for the outcome, you should still enrol in units for the next study period and attend classes until a final outcome is reached.

Termination book

Here is a booklet summarising the process. It also has a sample appeal letter.

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