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FAQ for Students on Prac/Fieldwork/Work Placement

Practical, Fieldwork and Work Placement

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Practical, Fieldwork and Work Placements.

How should I prepare for prac?

  • Make sure you read the guidelines and your unit outline so that you are aware of the requirements of your prac.

  • Fully read any contracts or agreements before you sign them. If you have questions, ask the Curtin staff member in charge of your practicum or placement.

  • Familiarise yourself with the cover provided in the Student Personal Accident Policy.

I’ve got a disability or medical condition – what should I do?

  • Students with disability or medical conditions (e.g. mental health conditions, chronic illnesses, physical or sensory disabilities, learning disabilities) are encouraged to seek advice from AccessAbility Services (9266 7850). You may be eligible for a Curtin Access Plan.

  • If you are comfortable, ensure that relevant staff are aware of any issues that might affect your ability to undertake prac/fieldwork – e.g. disability, medical condition, existing injury, workers compensation status, or other personal circumstances.

What about intellectual property (IP)? Do I own the material I produce on prac?

Something’s gone wrong – what should I do?

  • If a staff member on your prac gives you advice that contradicts your guidelines or unit outline, follow up with an email to clarify what is required of you. Be sure to include the Curtin staff member in charge of your prac in the email to ensure that they know what arrangements are being made.

  • If you’re having issues on your prac, such as bullying, harassment, sexual assault or want to report unprofessional behaviour or conduct, make sure you follow these steps:

    • Make detailed notes when the incident(s) have occurred – include dates, times, who was involved, and what occurred.

    • Inform the Curtin staff member in charge of your prac about the issues that concern you. Make notes about when you reported the incident/issue and how it was handled.

    • Contact the Guild’s Student Assist service if you require guidance and direction.

    • If you need to access mental health support, contact Curtin’s Counselling service (9266 7850) to make an appointment to discuss any issue, incident or activity that is frustrating, worrying, threatening or affecting you in any way.

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