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Financial Counselling

Student Assist has a dedicated Financial Counsellor. 

Organising your financial affairs on a limited student budget is an interesting challenge, particularly if you are planning to move out of home for the first time or giving up work to become a student.  Money is definitely going to matter.  Get off to a good start by making an appointment with our Financial Counsellor and set up a financial plan that will work for you.

If you have money questions about Centrelink, Uni fees, debts, bills, loans, budgeting, planning or any other money management issues you find yourself with then make an appointment to talk with our Financial Counsellor. 

Managing your money


Here are some tips on managing your money so you spend less time worrying about your bank balance and more time thinking about your studies.

  • Do your budget. What is your income and fixed expenses – rent, utilities, phone, car payment? Decide how much you need each week for living expenses - for example fuel, food, clothes, entertainment.
  • Set up as many direct debits and bill payments as you can! Automatic payments means you will never be late. 
  • Cash is king. The best way to stop spending is to carry your weekly living expenses in cash. It is harder to part with the cash in your wallet. As money leaves your hands you will think more about what you really need.
  • We spend what is readily available to us. Setting up a second bank account that does not have a keycard attached to it is a good way to remove our money from easy reach. 


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