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Having difficulty paying your fees?

Student Assist is here to help you, but before you make an appointment, please read these FAQ’s:

Is there a grant to help me pay my fees?

Unfortunately there are no grants available from either the Curtin Student Guild or Curtin University to help you pay your fees.

I am an international student – can I take out a loan to help pay my fees?

Unfortunately loans are not available for international students to assist in the payment of fees.

Are there scholarships available?

There are both ‘Need’ and ‘Merit’ based scholarships that students can apply for. These are available for both future and current students, as well as undergraduates, postgraduates, and students in research programs.

Make sure you visit Curtin’s scholarships and sign up for email alerts. Advice from scholarships is to read the application forms carefully and answer everything. Scholarship receive many applications each semester and only those that are completed fully are considered. They do not chase students for missing information.

What can I do if I just need a little more time but the money is coming?

If your difficulty is due to extinuating circumstances of a short term nature such as a delay in transferring funds from your home country, then you can ask Curtin Fees for a Repayment Plan.  

Please note there is NOTHING to do until you receive an email entitled ‘Notice of Intent to Cancel your enrolment’ sent out in week 2 through your OCC (OASIS). In this email there is a link to submit an appeal. 

Important things to remember:

  • There will be a sanction (red banner) on your OASIS until your fees are paid in full. This may mean you will not be able to see results for assessments you have submitted.

  • Fees are expected to be paid in full BEFORE final exams of the semester or you may not be able to sit exams. So plan accordingly.

What can I do if I have long term problems with paying fees?

You can apply to Fees for a Repayment Plan each semester on the grounds of extinuating circumstnaces. It is subjected to approval. Many student work part time and are able to supplement their fees with their earnings. However, it is important to remember the following:

  • Your student visa only allows you to work 40 hours/fortnight during the semester and full time during vacations.

  • Your first priority is to study and pass your units. Failed units will cost you more to repeat and can lead to termination.

How do I get a job?

First make sure you have an updated CV/resume. If you need assistance writing a resume, contact Curtin Careers in Building 102 or via email.
Curtin offers an Earn While You Learn program - check it out for employment opportunities on campus
Here are some other places to look for work.

I’m a Permanent Resident – is there any help for me?

Permanent Residents have the same requirements as International students except there are two advantages:

  • Permanent Residents can work as many hours as they wish.

  • Permanent Residents can study part time.

If you are a Permanent Resident who is having difficulty paying your fees, we recommend working while you are studying part time. We would not recommend getting into debt to study. Save up and start your studies when you can afford it. 

What if I am still having difficulty?

If your difficuly is long term, sometimes it is better to go home and wait until your financial situation improves. It is very stressful for students who are struggling to pay fees, working, and studying and this often causes them to fail their units. 

It is important that you think carefully about your situation. If you would like to talk about your decision then you can make an appointment with a Student Assist Officer.

Contact us 

Email: student.assist@guild.curtin.edu.au
Please include the following information: Your name, student number, your course of study and a description of your query.
Phone: (08) 9266 2900
Location: Building 106F Curtin University
Opening Hours: from 9am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday
Students on the Kalgoorlie WASM campus are welcome to contact us on the details provided above.


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