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Student Assist - Summer Break

Need help during the summer break? Please see important information about our Student Assist services and FAQs below:

Curtin Student Guild and the Student Assist department is closed from Friday 21 December 2018 and we return on Monday 7 January 2019.
Please note that most of Curtin will be closed from Friday 21 December 2018 and reopens Wednesday 2 January 2019, with limited staff. If you need to get in touch with someone from your school, we strongly encourage you to try contacting Curtin Connect.
We have set out some guidelines for the following topics:

  • Further Assessments (Previously known as supplementary assessments)

  • Assessment Appeals

  • Termination Appeals (Request for Review)

  • Enrolling into units for Semester 1, 2019


(previously known as supplementary assessments)
Note that Curtin does NOT have a process to appeal for a further assessment (supplementary assessment). The decision to offer further assessments to students is done by the Board of Examiners. This decision is made based on the following criteria as stated in the Assessment and Student Progression Manual (Further Assessment)
Student Eligibility
2.3        A student is eligible for consideration for Further Assessment if they:
2.3.1 are enrolled in a unit within their first 200cp of study in their course or in a unit in their final study period of a course; and
2.3.2 have attempted all required assessment tasks for the unit and have marginally failed the unit; and
2.3.3 have not been found guilty of Academic Misconduct in that unit.
2.4        An eligible student may only be offered:
2.4.1 two opportunities for Further Assessment in a Bachelor level course; and
2.4.2 one opportunity for Further Assessment in all other courses.


Final results were officially released on 12 December 2018. All Assessment Appeals will need to be submitted to your Head of School by Monday 7 January 2019
Note that appeals will only be considered if a student can demonstrate with evidence that the assessment has been marked incorrectly. For example the final mark was not calculated correctly or the assessment did not comply to the marking rubric.
More information on the process of Assessment appeal can be found on the Guild’s website.


(Request for Review)
Final results were officially released on 12 December 2018. All Request for Reviews will need to be submitted to Examinations by Friday 1 February 2019
All students being informed of their terminated status are currently considered “Terminated Pending Appeal Outcome”. What this means is that students should still enrol into units for next semester while waiting for the outcome of their Request for Review.
A Termination confirmed status means that a student may apply for re-admission to the same course after a minimum period of 12 months since the last enrolment. International student will have to take VISA considerations into account.  
Please refer to the Guild’s website for more information on the process of Request for Review and what to include in your appeal letter.
We will also have two information sessions in January to discussion your options and how to appeal.


If you are having difficulties with enrolling into units for next semester or need to review your study plan, please get in touch with your course coordinator.
Not sure of who you course coordinator is? Get in touch with Curtin Connect and they should be able to direct you to the right person.
We wish you all a safe and restful break!