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Tenancy advice

When a problem arises between you and a housemate or you and the landlord, understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant can be confusing. Student Assist may be able to help with such a crisis.


Curtin Housing

The Housing Advisory Service provides tenancy advice to Curtin students and staff as well as advice on accommodation options.

Tenancy WA

Protecting the right to housing for all tenants through advocacy, advice and education.

Department of Commerce

Advice for tenants and landlords renting a property, including bonds, rent and maintenance responsibilities.

Sussex Street Community Law Services

Tenancy services at Sussex Street Community Law Service Inc are both in the provision of advocacy and legal education. The community education provides pro-active information to people on tenancy right, tenancy applications, eviction avoidance and eviction processes.

If you are not sure of which services to access, come and talk to Student Assist and we’ll advise you on the best approach.