Your voice on campus!

Welcome to the Guild

Welcome to the Curtin Student Guild

We coordinate services and activities to represent students and help you have a positive university experience.

Our Student Executives and First Year Committee have put together the Guild New to Curtin Handbook to help get you started at university!

1. Get your Student ID & 2020 Student Sticker

Pre-order through OASIS and available by contacting Curtin Connect.
Use your Student ID to access library services, buildings, for your exams and to vote in the Guild elections!

2. Get your FREE Guild Sticker

All Curtin students are automatically members of the Guild!
Show Guild Reception (Building 106F) your Student ID Card and 2020 Student Sticker to get your FREE 2020 Guild sticker and start saving on food, drinks, activities and online discounts.

Student ID + 2020 Student Sticker = Guild Sticker!
Check out our sweet, sweet discounts here!

3. Get Social

Life at Curtin isn't just about your academic studies. It's also about being part of a community, making friends and enjoying new experiences!

Curtin Student Guild organises activities, events and courses throughout the year.   Follow @curtinguild on Facebook & Instagram for info on giveaways, competitions and student services!

4. Join a Guild Club

Guild affiliated clubs are your key to the social side of life at Curtin University. They're a wonderful way to meet people, make friends and pursue your interests with people who like the same things.
Find one that’s right for you.

5. Get Sustainable

The Guild is taking action to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Pick up a reusable straw from any Guild café for $2.50 and check out our compost bins!

6. Get ready to start classes

OASIS is where you receive Official Communication and Alerts from Curtin and Blackboard is where you’ll access info on your units and submit digital assignments. Don’t forget, you won’t be able to access your grades until you complete the Academic Integrity Exam (AIP) on Blackboard.

7. Join your faculty Facebook group

Connect with other students in your faculty, ask questions and get support.
Get to know your reps!
Join your faculty Facebook group now!

8. Connect with your Equity Departments

Our Equity Departments promote inclusivity at Curtin and welcome you to their safe spaces as well as organising activities and events throughout the year. 
Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date.
Learn more about our Equity Departments.

9. Finding your classrooms

Finding classrooms can seem difficult at first.
If your class is in 100.301, it means you’re in building 100, room 302. Room 302 will be on the 3rd floor.

Food at Curtin

The Guild operates a number of food outlets across the Curtin campus as well as the The Tav, an iconic venue for many great events!

Our food is made fresh each day by a team of award winning chefs and is served to you at student friendly prices. 

We're serious about making our campus as environmentally friendly as possible so we have introduced biodegradable products to all our outlets!

Follow Food at Curtin on Facebook or Instagram for daily specials, promotions and giveaways!    

Browse our delicious cafés on campus!

The Tav

The Tav has been a fixture of Curtin life for decades.  Sit down and relax with friends and soak up the unique social atmosphere. 

Follow The Tav on Facebook & Instagram 

Check out The Tav menu!

G Mart

G Mart is your one-stop shop at Curtin for all those everyday items that you need in a hurry as well as self serve printing and binding, second hand books and uniforms. We always stock lollies because sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

Find out more about G Mart

Support & Representation

Guild Executive team
Guild Executives sit on University boards, panels, committees, groups and working parties to ensure that your voice is heard. They also work closely with Guild staff to develop and deliver essential student services.
Don't be a stranger, get in touch with your Guild Executive team!

Student Assist
Personal, academic or financial issues while you are studying? Our professional staff at Student Assist can offer free and confidential advice. Get in touch with the team today!